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Easy week can mean different things to everybody, for me it’s about being 100% dialled in and making sure it wasn’t wasted, just like the taper Support the show (โดย Stephen Scullion
Covid is tough for us all, but it’s how you process it, if we can remain logical and stay away from thinking too emotional.. we might get this better than we imagined Support the show (โดย Stephen Scullion
A friend of mine got a text, saying I’m off the rails and hitting the bottle. As lance used to say, you want to know what I’m on../ “haha” no wine here mate, just 2-3 hours of aerobic exercise a day Support the show (โดย Stephen Scullion
It’s tough for us all, and I’ve been really struggling, I’ve realise it’s fear. I’m afraid that in the next 6 months I’ll lose what I’ve worked so hard to build, that I’ll f*ck it up.. I was so close to the Olympics.. I’m not naturally really good at this. I just work really hard for self improvement and become more professional in the process.. bu…
Let’s get to a new place of dealing with corona with hard actions and productivity.. and less about processing, victim like behaviour or mentality Support the show (โดย Stephen Scullion
Planning is easy, strategy is easy, executing that plan.. over and over again.. is the hard part.. because life will try to de rail you. Support the show (โดย Stephen Scullion
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