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Come check out two lifelong blazer fans talk about the squad. We take it from a fan perspective and we don't hold back. Whether you're a casual fan checking in on the status of the team or someone who wants to ask questions about the team and the future of the team. Please enjoy and provide feedback whenever possible!! Go Blazers!!!
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Our post "Wrestlemania" episode, Lucy Ford 21 year lookback in the crates. Join us as we discuss the future of wrestling and some fun memories from the past as well. We get into some Final Fantasy 7 and KingdomHearts updates.โดย Nick Buell
Ayyyyyyy Yo!!!!!! Join your favorite two NW GoonZ Dj Nick@Night & TehGuevara as we delve into the world of the NBA, NFL, E-Gaming, Pro Wrestling and a little pinch of music/pop culture. This is a special Pre-Wrestlemania episode so we included a bonus hour to give every topic this week adequate breathing room! AND THATS THE BOTTOM LINE BECAUSE THE …
This week we're back with some fun analysis of the tank. We also get into the Jerami Grant rumors that swirled the fanbase and media. The draft picks and some quick analysis of how those players in the top 12 of this years NBA draft are playing in the tourney. Thanks for listening!โดย Craig
Come hang out with your favorite local PDX goons on episode 12 of, "The RipCityGoonz Podcast". We go threw NBA, NFL,WWE,AEW,MGK,KANYE Vs. Pete Davidson, share some laughs and good stories plus our predictions and forecasts in everything from sports to music.โดย Nick Buell
We are back after a 4 game winstreak and a nice little break. Nurkic is shut down, Dame is injured, and Anfernee Simons is going off still. What is happening and what are the plans for Josh Hart? Find out all the scoop here on RCRT. Please sub!โดย Craig
The deadline is over, CJ is gone, Norm was traded?!?! This week we cover the entire trade deadline for the Blazers from our perspective. We also cover the rest of the NBA deadline and impact ramifications. Please like and subscribe! Go Blazers! Beat LA!โดย Craig
Welcome back to our channel! This episode we get back into the state of the Blazers by going over some trends. Dame injury/surgery and what that means for the guards. CJ is back, which is great...right?? Tanking does come up in the conversation. Please sub and comment for us!โดย Craig
Covid strikes the blazers finally!! Tough week, postponed game but we get into the topics around the league and portland specifically. The guys break down the 2 games and get into what players could get reached out to next during the covid hardship contracts. Thanks for listening and please subscribe!…
This week we go deep into a recap of the rotations and state of the Blazers. Is Dame healthy finally? Nance starting vs Covington, and we played a really fun new game called "Who are you?!!?" so stick around for that. Please subscribe, and comment if you like the pod! Thanks and go Rip City.โดย Craig
The blazers had a rough week with injuries and 0-3 in this recap, however we have fun breaking it all down for you! We cover the rotations and coaching, we also go into some really interesting rumors around the NBA trade market. We covered the rumors surrounding Jerami Grant, Ben Simmons, and even Myles Turner & Domantas Sabonis. Please like and su…
Neil Olshey is finally gone! Hear our thoughts this week, plus a new film breakdown from NBA's YouTube highlights which you should check out if you haven't link below. The weekly recap includes the new defense and CJ specific issues we have run into. Thanks for watching!!! All NBA film is copyright from NBA YouTube:…
Solid recap this week of the last week of November games. We went through our 20 game recap of the blazers season with Chauncey Billups as head coach. We went through some new stats this week. Please like and subscribe!! THE TICKETS HAVE BEEN WON FOLKS! Congrats to Thrandi and enjoy the game on us!โดย Craig
Welcome everyone to the Larry Nance Jr week! We went into the big week of 3-0 Blazers land. Things are looking up and we are happy to give away tickets to a follower who comments their fav blazer memory below. Please like and sub! Happy thanksgiving and GO BLAZERS!โดย Craig
OHHHHH boy the blazers are in deep this week. We cover the rotations, minutes, and coaching adjustments. Together we go through the news around Neil Olshey and Chris McGowan stepping down as well. Thank you! Please leave a comment with your favorite Blazers memory and you are entered to win tix to a game!!!…
This week we get spooky on the Halloween episode!! We play a new game of trick or treat on the blazers start and we go in depth on the game breakdowns. We discuss the Dame Lillard shooting woes and Chauncey's early adjustments. Hope you enjoy and go Blazers!!!โดย Craig
This episode we talk preseason recap and then go down the rabbit hole of what we expect for the season. Dave Deckard of Blazers Edge joins us and gives some refreshing viewpoints. We appreciated his time and hope you enjoy! Go Blazers!โดย Craig
Hey everyone and thanks for listening to us! Today we discuss how a Ben Simmons trade for CJ Mccollum ranks AGAIN! Then we went through some rumors plus preseason takeaways from the first game. Follow on twitter@talkrip. Go blazers!โดย Craig
This episode we get into the media day coverage of the blazers. We talk about what stood out and what we may not believe 100%. We also have a giveaway coming up when we reach 500 subs on youtube. Thanks for watching and follow for moreโดย Craig
This episode the guys go deep on the blazers training camp signings. Patterson, Chriss, and Dennis Smith Jr. We discuss our favorites and we get into the November schedule breakdown. Blaz'n new trails is a special former player this week! Enjoy :)โดย Craig
This weeks episode the guys go through the Nance for DJ trade the blazers made. We go into a new segment called 'What if?'. We have a great time going into the Ben Simmons rumors, and breakdown the October games of the season. Please like and subscribe!โดย Craig
This week we get into the comments made by Chauncey Billups about the changes he hopes to bring to the team. In addition we answer some fan questions and then go into a recap of summer league. Thanks for listening and follow us Go blazers!โดย Craig
This episode we get into recapping free agency for the blazers, we go into contracts. Deep dive on Dame and olympic gold. Steve from Church of Roy podcast joins us to break it down. Follow us Thanks!!!โดย Craig
This week we get ready for the free agency August the blazers have to face. We discuss the guys we want and don't. The guys also break down the new additions from the draft as well! Follow us atโดย Craig
This week we cover the big coaching updates. Rumors around the league of trade block. We also do a quick update on some of the news surrounding the blazers. Please sub on yt and follow us on twitter @talkrip. Thanks and go blazers!!!!โดย Craig
This week we go in depth on some new topics in the offseason. We cover Chauncey hiring and Neil Olshey's presser. The blazers are making waves, we also cover nurk comments to the media and dame status update. Enjoy Rip City!โดย Craig
Different episode this week as the coaching rumors swirl, we discuss our favorites and why. We also go into some rumors about the Ben Simmons fit in a trade. Bonus is Stotts being linked to the pacers as a future coach, with a new blazing trails blazer of the week!!! Follow us on twitter @talkrip. Thanks!…
This episode the guys breakdown the roster. Who should we keep and who should we let go. We will discuss trades and free agency later, thanks for listening. Please subscribe and follow us at Go Blazers!โดย Craig
Huge video this week detailing the end of the nuggets series, and we go DEEEEP on stotts mutually parting ways with the blazers. The guys discuss an exit interview on the season by GM Neil Olshey, and stick around for our next week announcement on content the rest of the offseason. Follow along on twitter @talkrip Thanks for watching!…
This week we recap the first 4 games of the playoff matchup between the Portland Trail Blazers and the Denver Nuggets. We go in depth on keys and what we want to see from the team going forward. Please like and subscribe!!! Go Blazers!โดย Craig
This episode is a big breakdown of the playoff matchup that starts tonight between the blazers and nuggets. The guys talk what we need to see to win and we predict what the series will look like. Please subscribe and follow us on Twitter @talkrip. Thanks and go Blazers!โดย Craig
We discuss end of regular season, including a look back at franchise records. we chat about Stotts winning coach of the month, and how it impacts his future. New Blazers new trails player of the week and more!! #portlandtrailblazers #ripcity #blazersbasketballโดย Craig
We hit over 100 streams! Episode 7 covers the Blazers cap on the regular season. Whats going on in the great NW, DMX's funeral. Life work balance and of course the mark of hitting over 100 streams without any promotion! Lessgooooooooo!!!โดย Nick Buell
Oh the guys are back with a 4-1 week! Blazers rotations, Fire stotts reporting, and DJ conundrum. We get into the K Love debate and we hit on the standings. You won't want to miss out on next weeks playoff primer, hit the Sub and follow on Twitter @talkrip. Thanks!!โดย Craig
A WINNING STREAK IS AFOOT! This week the boys discuss a 3-0 week on some down teams but a winning streak is always good in #ripcity. The Chris Haynes Dame Lillard article gets discussed as well. We talk about derrick jones jr playing time and there is some Evan Turner sightings on the news. Please sub for us, it helps us a ton. Enjoy the new intro …
OH NO, is it panic time for the blazers after an 0-5 week against good competition? The guys address a 'fire stotts' level meltdown this week and we address the concerns. Honestly we love rip city and we'll be here for you win or lose. please subscribe as it really helps us out. Have a great week!!!!!…
In this throwback of, "The Lab Ep.1" , me and Dan Culley go back to episode one of, "The Lab". We talk the climate of the North West. A crazy cat lady stealing my cat, breeding bulldogs, music news Travis Scott V.S. DJ Paul. Throw in a few samples from Friday, Yella Wolf, Andre 3K and more.โดย Nick Buell
The guys get real this week talking "Fire Stotts" and talk effort over the last week. Huge discussion on Lamarcus Aldridge retiring as well. Blazer fans please follow along and subscribe to the channel! Follow on twitterโดย Craig
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