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On this episode of The Ricky Noren Show, the Reverend heads to death row to interview a serial killer! Ricky also discusses the culture and mythos behind the fetishization of true crime. Episode sponsored by Hansen's Spaghetti Thickener.โดย Ricky Noren
The Ricky Noren Show is back and this time we have some special guest! We brought some of the kids from the Temple Of Life youth group and they're gonna share their testimonies and give us the deets on their big mission trip coming up!โดย Ricky Noren
On this episode, Ricky dives into the story of his beloved Minnesota Vikings. Part one of this saga starts way back in 1961 and ends with the Vikes beginning their dramatic 1987 playoff run. Theme song by Mr. Rogers and the Make Believe Friends!โดย Ricky Noren
It's episode 7 of Suffer For Pod, hosted by Ricky Noren! An old vet talks about how nobody can work anymore, we dive into the lost media iceberg, meet the world's worst chef, & get projectile diarrhea. Theme song by Mr. Rogers & The Make Believe Friends.โดย Ricky Noren
Terry SpielbArg joins the show and we talk about Gagne Guys, Undertaker's Catholic guilt, & the perils of Wisconsin gas stations. Also, Jesse Ventura plugs his new show and we get a word from our sponsor, Bob Moe Motorsports! Theme song by Mr. Rogers And The Make Believe Friends!โดย Ricky Noren
I didn't have enough time to "properly" finish my podcast this week. Thankfully, I discovered this service called botcast.com that uses "bots" to create content for you! For only $9.99 a month you can have content created instantly on any subject you please (including wrestling!) for any podcast you desire! Use promo code SUFFERFOR for a free trial…
Episode 4 is here! Ricky laments caffeine culture in wrestling, your entrance music still sucks, Imagine Dragons write their next hit, and we take a trip back to wrestling's carnival roots. Theme song by Mr. Rogers and the Make Believe Friends. Featuring "Freud Rap" by Jiggity Fool.โดย Ricky Noren
Suffer For Pod returns for episode 2 where Ricky talks about chasing clout, we learn about CDK (Catch, Death, King's Road), and your friend wants you to know that those things you use in your match are for building houses. Theme song by Mr. Rogers & the Make Believe Friends!โดย Ricky Noren
The debut episode of Suffer For Pod, hosted by professional wrestler "The Renaissance" Ricky Noren. Fabled Midwest promoter Dusty McNuggz is running shows again and Ricky recounts being robbed at gunpoint a few weeks back in Minneapolis. Theme song by Mr. Rogers & the Make Believe Friends!โดย rickynoren
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