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The Brief is a news and analysis podcast focusing on the Empire, its satellites and its subcontractors through an anti-imperialist lens. From the wars and occupations, the uprisings and resistance, we will take you in and out of the sites of struggle across the world through reporting, discussion, interviews, and profiles. The Brief is produced by Nora Barrows-Friedman in California, Pierre Loiselle in Québec, and Jon Elmer in Toronto. Music by Greg Wilson. Check us out at ...
Popular Front

Popular Front

Popular Front is an independent podcast that focuses on the niche details of modern warfare and under-reported conflict. If you want to know how suicide car bombs are built, which paramilitary factions are operating where, or what volunteer militias are fighting for, this podcast is for you. It's detailed, uncensored, and free from industry elitism. See more at
Montana was invaded last summer. Not by land, not by air, but by water. A microscopic alien showed up in water samples from the Tiber Reservoir, opening the door to a wide range of potentially devastating impacts for Montana's fisheries, outdoor enthusiasts and industries. What happens if Montana fails to stop the coming invasion of zebra and quagga mussels threatening the state's water bodies? MTPR's Nicky Ouellet looks into Montana's future (or one possible future) to see how the invasive ...


CAGE is an independent advocacy organisation working to empower communities impacted by the War on Terror. The organisation highlights and campaigns against state policies, striving for a world free from oppression and injustice. CAGE has been campaigning against the War on Terror for more than a decade. Its work has focussed on working with survivors of abuse and mistreatment across the globe. Its website is one of the leading resources documenting the abuse of due process and the erosion o ...
Don't mope, mobilize. Our country and our future is at stake. Each week I will bring you a hard hitting, under-reported story about what is really going on, whether it's turning back the clock on abortion rights, voter suppression, or Trump's bald faced lies. I'll have an interview with a thinker you won't hear anywhere else, and positive stories from #TheResistance and specific actions you can take. Because action is the antidote to anguish. So put on your big girl (or boy) pantsuit and joi ...
PeerVoice is an independent, professional medical publishing concern focused on gathering and reporting information pertaining to clinically relevant advances and developments in the science and practice of medicine. As publishers of PeerVoice Publications, PeerVoice is solely responsible for the selection of publication topics, the preparation of editorial content and the distribution of all materials it publishes.
The KrassenCast: Defending What's Left is a project from Brian and Ed Krassenstein. Together, they have been fighting to expose the obvious and sustained corruption from the President Trump administration and the Republican Party. Brian and Ed currently interact with over 1.5 million Twitter followers. They are also the co-founders of, a liberal news reporting website that reaches over 2 million monthly readers.KrassenCast is a FREE podcast that features weekly interviews wi ...
The Overstory, a podcast from Sierra Club, brings listeners some of the most surprising, heartfelt, and provocative stories from across the American landscape. With each episode our reporters go beyond the latest news headlines as they profile the people and places on the front lines of environmental activism.
Every week rely on authoritative reporting and insightful interviews illuminating the latest medical research and health-related headlines heard on public radio. Your host Barbara Lewis provides in-depth, accurate and actionable information. You’ll find field reports, stories, in-studio newsmakers, personal essays, and quirky information about health and medicine you can't find anywhere else.
VEDENGA ROJAVA - ECHOES OF THE RESISTANCE An internationalists radio project bringing an inside look into Afrin resistance. Revolutionaries from different parts of the world organized in different collectives and organizations in Rojava found an importance to come together and launch an audio project focused on the peoples resistance against an invasion of Afrin canton carried by the fascist state of Turkey and its jihadist proxies. Our aim is to spread an awareness of this historical event ...
Host Chad Blair dives into the biggest stories of the week and what they mean for the people of Hawaii. He's joined by Civil Beat reporters who share their insights on issues they cover. Guests often include public officials, civic leaders and members of the community for a roundtable discussion on the hottest topics in Hawaii.
Do you wonder how experts in working with early learners address children's behavior and motivate them to be their best selves? If you are a family member, teacher or anyone who impacts the lives of young children, join Alison Kentos (Early Childhood Teacher) & Cindy Terebush (Early Childhood Consultant & Author) every Monday to find out how a preschool teacher and early childhood consultant do what they do every day! Cindy Terebush, author of "Teach the Whole Preschooler: Strategies for Nur ...
Lead Through Strengths with Lisa Cummings: leading teams & building work culture with Clifton StrengthsFinder & natural talents. The "Lead Through Strengths" podcast was created for you if you're ready to stop taking the "path of most resistance" at work. Current episodes are educational snippets from Q&A with our corporate teams. They're usually questions we get in our StrengthsFinder corporate training sessions. Over 22 Million people have taken the CliftonStrengths assessment. It sounds s ...
I'm your host Gilbert and let's talk pop culture! In this weekly podcast a new podcast will post every Thursday. We will discuss new movies, tv shows, music and theme parks! This will include spoilers at time and social guest. Let’s just have fun and escape the outside world and enter the world of pop culture.
Elimu Podcast est un podcast bilingue à vocation panafricaine. De l’Histoire sociale à l’actualité politique du continent africain, en passant par des reportages localisés et des portraits de figures importantes, nous souhaitons activement participer à la diffusion endogène des savoirs et connaissances africaines, au profit de ses jeunesses engagées. Pour nous contacter, vous pouvez nous envoyer un message par mail ( ou via les réseaux sociaux (@ElimuPodcast sur Facebo ...
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Doug Valentine : Cia As Organized Crime / Robert Martinez : WolfPAC NevadaAuthor of three books on CIA operations, Valentine’s research into CIA activities began when CIA Director William Colby gave him free access to interview CIA officials who had been involved in various aspects of the Phoenix program in South Vietnam. It was a permission Colby …
Neither Democratic lawmakers nor President Joe Biden is putting overt retirement pressure on the Supreme Court justice — yet, anyway See for privacy information.โดย Cumulus Media San Francisco
Esta asociación, GAIA, agrupa a familias que apuesta por el acogimiento familiar como un recurso para menores que no pueden vivir o no es conveniente que vivan con sus familias de origen.
Natxo Bellido - Espero que esta vez tengan en cuenta nuestras propuestas después de plantearles sin éxito distintos proyectos durante dos años
Dr. Ken Buesseler, senior scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution joins the show. See for privacy information.โดย Cumulus Media San Francisco
Antonio Manresa - En la segunda convocatoria de las ayudas del Plan Resistir se flexibilizan los requisitos para que no se quede tanta gente fuera
While Covid-19 appears to be under control in China, authorities want to keep it that way. But given low infection rates, motivation has been lacking for some people to get vaccinated. As a result, some places are offering free ice cream, while people who are hesitant or late in getting inoculated are named and shamed. Meanwhile, recent reports say…
Also this hour, White Lives Matter rally ends with large counterprotest, 12 arrests in Huntington Beach. See for privacy information.โดย Cumulus Media San Francisco
Pizza Bomber: The Untold Story of America’s Most Shocking Bank Robbery/ Brandy Novicka: Spine advocatePart 1 Ed interviews Fmr FBI Agent Jerry Clark and journalist Ed Palattella about Pizza Bomber: The Untold Story of America’s Most Shocking Bank RobberyOn August 28, 2003, in the suburbs of Erie, Pennsylvania, a pizza deliveryman named Brian Wells …
Pizza Bomber: The Untold Story of America’s Most Shocking Bank Robbery/ Brandy Novicka: Spine advocate Part 1 Ed interviews Fmr FBI Agent Jerry Clark and journalist Ed Palattella about Pizza Bomber: The Untold Story of America’s Most Shocking Bank Robbery On August 28, 2003, in the suburbs of Erie, Pennsylvania, a pizza deliveryman named Brian Well…
We speak to writer, researcher, and activist Joey Ayoub about the deteriorating situation in Lebanon and the possibilities of conflict that this might cause. - - - -โดย Jake Hanrahan
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