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I, like many, felt left behind by a political party that has reached its extremes. Trumpism and the left both seem to be a Tug-of-War match that we the average Joe are stuck in between. Social media is a disaster for discussion with everything turning to insults and memes. Together on Rogue Republicans we guide through topics and have civil discussion with our friends, neighbors, and politicians about topics ranging BLM, Trumpism, pop culture, socialism, and how it challenges my conservative ...
At the Joint Economic Committee, we believe knowledge of social capital is vital to achieving our goal of expanding economic opportunity for all Americans. Join us as we invite hearing witnesses to engage in a deeper social capital conversation on The Social Capitalists Podcast: Post-hearing Discussions with the Joint Economic Committee Republicans.
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Had a great conversation with Tyler Higson, host of The Youth Of The Nation podcast. He is 14 year old conservative podcast making waves in Conservative Media. Together we talk Trump, election results, and changes to make in legislation. Listen up! Hit the subscribe button!โดย Jonny
Opening thoughts on Abortion. The goal will be to see how my views deepen and change over time. This is not about saying my view is correct, it is about having a starting point for my discussion on my thoughts and moral complications with abortion. Will I change my views over time? Only time will tell!…
How long can we avoid the growing border problem? It seems media and politicians are wanting to push under the rug the issue and pretend that it does not exist in hopes it will go away. What are our moral obligations to the border?โดย Jonny
There has been lots of discussion on the "lack of facilities" and the differences in budgets comparing the men's vs women's tournaments. Are the men's teams a sign of patriarchal dominance of sports society that should be stopped? Lets talk about it.โดย Johnny
Mike Miller is a former Band Director, and now Mayor of a town of about 8,000 people in North East Atlanta, GA area. Many people recognize that name as to being the home training facility location for the Atlanta Falcons. Mike sat down and talked politics with me about Trump, Atlanta Falcons, How he came to be the Mayor, and being a Golf Pro, we ha…
Having fun with our bracket. I promise you this was done before the tournament started this evening. As I am posting, I am already recognizing that my bracket is screwed! Had fun, leave your thoughts in the comments below on who you think is taking home the W's!โดย jonathan
Follow along on YouTube as we explore the video from the Infographics Channel: World without the US. Had a great time reacting to the video. I thought it was interesting. Looking forward to doing a part 2 . To follow along with the video you can check out . As always thank you for hanging out, talking pol…
Hey Rogue Republicans Squad! Are you like me? Have you been looking at both parties asking what happened? I think we all are some where in the middle. Together I hope to explore the political spectrum and where we sit. Lets learn together and talk with others about politics and pop culture.โดย jonathan
A conversation with Scott Winship, Executive Director of the Joint Economic Committee, Dr. Ryan Streeter, Director of Domestic Policy Studies at the American Enterprise Institute and Dr. Patrick Sharkey, Professor and Chair of the Sociology Department at New York University.โดย JEC Republicans
What is social capital? Can improving social capital empower our communities to overcome challenges? JEC Chairman Mike Lee addresses this and more.โดย JEC Republicans
Welcome to Episode 4!This week's segments include:- Delegate Roll Call- Endorse This!- Candidate Impressions- Who is Merrick Garland?Please visit usโดย Two Surprising Republicans
Welcome to Episode 3! This week's segments include:- Delegate Roll Call- In Memorium- Endorse This!- Candidate Impressions- Delegate PredictionsPlease visit usโดย Two Surprising Republicans
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