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There's a new AOK resource for foster families of Massachusetts. Learn about how you can play a role in the AOK Community Closet--either as a customer or volunteer ... or both!โดย Kyle Belanger
It's been over two years since Marianna and Kyle have recorded in the same room, sitting at the same table. And this episode is a true return-to-normal. Plenty of AOK organizational updates, for sure; mostly, though, this is just the taste of normal that we've all needed since March 2020.โดย Kyle Belanger
Pathways to Permanency (P2P) is an incredible program available in Massachusetts to foster families who need assistance and support (um... that's all of us!). Hear Marianna's conversation with program director, Morganne, and learn about this great resource!โดย Kyle Belanger
Marianna interviews Missy Tarjick, foster parent for 21 years and veteran advocate in our community.โดย Kyle Belanger
COVID-19 has been ravaging communities, and leaving families with challenges they've never faced before. Marianna and Kyle talk about it all, in the way only they can.โดย Kyle Belanger
Marianna and Kyle return for a raw, honest, and difficult discussion about the importance of racial justice and equality--now, and always.โดย Kyle Belanger
Marianna and Kyle use the advice of the AOK community to go deep with some advice to new foster parents.โดย Kyle Belanger
Marianna and Kyle discuss some of the many difficult issues facing the court experience during the foster process.โดย Kyle Belanger
Marianna and Kyle open up about the ways in which the foster experience can have a profound effect on the forever-family members.โดย Kyle Belanger
Marianna and Kyle spend this episode talking about the sometimes-difficult transition from the school year to the unstructured world of summertime.โดย Kyle Belanger
Marianna and Kyle welcome a baby to the podcast. Yes, a baby. Topics include: Separation of siblings in the foster system, upcoming AOK programming, and AOK's impending media appearances.โดย Kyle Belanger
Marianna and Kyle chat with MSPCC KidsNet's Allison Weissman about the many resources available to foster families through the organization.โดย Kyle Belanger
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