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This podcast will provide an in depth analysis of the rules of quidditch as developed out of the IQA/USQ rulebooks. We will give verbal recaps of the rules, discuss questionable rules and interpretations, break down rules changes and adaptations for different leagues and age groups, discuss tweaks with referees, and generally discuss the state of the game from a technical standpoint.
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In the latest episode of The Rules of Quidditch Podcast, Josh Mansfield and Andrew Canto join in to discuss the state of Assistant Referees in quidditch, to give their hints and tips on how to be better, and to talk about changing our attitudes about the positions.
Kym Couch and Ra Hopkins join the podcast to discuss the challenges faced by female presenting referees, how they might overcome the challenges, how they encourage refs to stick with it, and other issues related to gender in refereeing.
How to build the quidditch community through growing and maintaining college programs. Featuring Elizabeth Barcelos and Harry Greenhouse! First two-guest podcast, enjoy the dialogue!โดย Alejo Enriquez
Andrew Canto joins the podcast to discuss his ideas to create new or improved referee resources and to share his thoughts on the "soft skills" that all referees need to display to maintain control of a pitch.
The Rules of Quidditch Podcast returns from hiatus with an episode devoted entirely to the USQ reset and delay of game rules. Chris Coleman from the USQ Referee Team joins to bring up questions and concerns that he has encountered so far this season. Then Michael Clark-Polner and Sarah Kneiling from the USQ Rules Team join to give insight into why …
USQ Rules Team Manager Michael Clark-Polner returns to the podcast and we begin a series on the changes between USQ Rulebook 9 and USQ Rulebook 10. In part 1 we do a quick run through of most of the changes listed in Appendix E of the new rulebook and discuss situations and reasoning behind many of the changes.…
Sarah Kneiling and Kevin Oleze join the show to discuss the history and struggles of the IQA/USQ Gameplay department and the history of how some of the biggest and most controversial quidditch policies became standardized.
Chris Beesley and Sequoia Thomas join Clay to discuss the history of referee development in quidditch. They touch on the triumphs, challenges, and divisions that led us to today and lay our some ideas for the future of referee development.As a special bonus, we close the show with the IQA RDT Rap!
Michael Clark-Polner joins Clay as they discuss some commonly mistakenrules and some generally agreed upon interpretations of controversialor unclear rules in advance of USQuidditch Cup next weekend.
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