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QTPOC nerd podcast is a space for queer, trans*, bi, gender neutral, gender non-conforming, intersex people who also identify as nerds or geeks, to come together and share our experiences with being QTPOC Nerds. Hosted by Gian-Luca Matsuda.
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Hosts Darion Jones and Zeloszelos Marchandt talk about the state of the American Nation, purity themes in QTPOC land, privililedge in and outside communities of color and the "Mimosa Effect" in white culture. Activist and Journalist Cameron Whitten joins the studio fr...โดย KBOO Community Radio
31 days ago we were infected with the first executive order. Will we survive this next term? Join us for QTPOCTalk where we will discuss resistance, revolution and the end of western civilization as we know it.In this episode of QTPOCTalk we wanted to focus Trumps administ...โดย KBOO Community Radio
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