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The governors have given us dates gyms and fitness centers can open. We got a chance to talk with Chase – the owner of 3 (Newport, Mason, & Union, KY) locations here in the Tri-State. We asked about the changes that will be in effect when we return. Listen to what he had to say and what we can expect when we return!!…
-What does Robert Pattinson smell like?-Is Adele releasing new music?-There's a new place to dance in OTR!-Low-Cal IPA-What happens to the old Valentine's flowers?-Sports!-What kids more people? Selfies or Sharks?โดย info@podcastone.com
-What is Adele up to?-Post Malone doing movies now!-Fiona's 3rd Birthday celebrations!-Email your way to happiness-Jeff Ruby has a new steak - who is it honoring?-Florence Freedom are getting a new name today-Will you get audited this year by the IRS?โดย info@podcastone.com
-Will there be a Home Alone Reboot?-Update on the music venue at The Banks-How to have a healthier brain-Don't ask married people for advice-Super unique Christmas gifts-Food News!-Cookie Dough fans - we have news for you!-$1 Night with the Cyclones!โดย info@podcastone.com
-Justin Timberlake speaks out-How much are Ohioans spending this holiday season??-This holiday tradition is bad for your mental health-Don't wear orange to your job interview-Bearcats Watch Party this Saturday!-Bourbon news in Covington!โดย info@podcastone.com
-Who is retiring from music?-Is CBD Oil killing Christmas trees?-Pleasant Ridge is getting a Christmas bar!-The baby giraffe has a name!-Giving Tuesday-Reds, Bengals, Clones, oh my!-Sensitive Santa is coming to town!โดย info@podcastone.com
-Selena Gomez got a new tattoo-Ride the SkyWheel for FREE!-There's a new giraffe at the Cincinnati Zoo!-11 words that we love from the last decade-When you shouldn't travel for Thanksgiving-Sports!-Like pickles?โดย info@podcastone.com
-Is there new music from The Weekend?-Which couple is celebrating 72 years of marriage?-Tacos and more tacos!-There is a new therapy animal!-HotList History: Why do we eat cranberries on Thanksgiving?-Unicorn Meteor Shower tonight!-Sports!โดย info@podcastone.com
-Miley got a pet-Thanksgiving Vodka-Which Cincinnati restaurant is the most instgrammable?-All aboard the North Pole Express!-Baby Shark tickets are coming soon-UC throwing some shade at the Bengals-Where are Americans traveling for Thanksgiving!โดย info@podcastone.com
-Which celeb had a garage sale over the weekend?-The baby Bearcat has a name!-What about the guy on the roof in Indiana? He still up there?-Big announcement from the Newport Aquarium -How to fall asleep in 2 minutes.-What is the planet Mercury doing today?โดย info@podcastone.com
-Kesha is getting into the makeup biz!-How fat IS the TriState?-How bad relationships with your family contribute to your health-Things sarcasm provides for you-UC Homecoming-Sports!-Q TO DO-Stay off 71N this weekendโดย info@podcastone.com
-Does Ohio have an official state beverage?-How much screen time should you little ones have?-Running can save your life!-Millennials are killing off these 5 things.-Which TriState cities voted to shutdown?-Sports!-Free nachos today!โดย info@podcastone.com
-Harry Styles is up to something-How to dispose of your pumpkins-Fascinating facts of November babies-Kroger is offering some cool things for downtown residents-Sleep better by doing this every night!-Sports!-Cincinnati Pizza Week!โดย info@podcastone.com
-Justin Bieber will release new music if...-Why was the Today Show in Butler County?-Jeff Ruby getting in the beer business?-Lyft helping those how need work-JackOLantern History-Changes to the GABP Press Roomโดย info@podcastone.com
-What is in Pete Davidson's pants?-What is in The Rock's gym bag?-Hocus Pocus 2?-Did you lose your rams?-What is the #1 thing people judge your home for?-Can you cook pasta in cold water?-Local TriState connection to the World Seriesโดย info@podcastone.com
-Shawn Mendes single again?-New zoo babies including a baby bearcat!-Why do White Castle burgers have 5 holes in them and what is the Cincinnati connection?-Free tuition at Miami-The Meat to Meat Connection-Cincinnati a great NFL team??-The longest flight EVERโดย info@podcastone.com
-Pete Davidson is back to SNL. Where was he at?-Westside traffic problems starting today.-Columbus Day-Millennials are not doing this wedding tradition-A surprise at BLINK-What up BEARCATS?!!-Want to stay overnight in a blimp?โดย info@podcastone.com
-Ryan Reynolds is a dad again!-Will the Ludlow-Bromley Yacht Club rebuild?-3 Things You Can Rent instead of Buy-Beer News-Stay at the Scream house-Place to travel in 2019 based on your zodiac sign!-Bearcats are #25!-Free Halloween Costumes in Dearborn County!โดย info@podcastone.com
-Justin Bieber goes country-Which downtown building is getting the wrecking ball?-New restaurants and drink spots!-The safest place on earth if there is a pandemic-Surprising Reds news! -Which celeb did Toria run into at Kroger?โดย info@podcastone.com
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