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Is it possible that The Iliad and The Odyssey, with over 25,000 lines between them, originated in oral tradition rather than written texts? This is the story of a young Classics student who set out to prove it.โดย Q-90.1 FM WUCX
While the Hubble Space Telescope continues to operate, NASA, The European Space Agency, and the Canadian Space Agency have collaborated to build, launch, and successfully deploy the most powerful and complex space telescope ever built.โดย Q-90.1 FM WUCX
Shortly after the time of Marco Polo, another traveler from Morocco set out on the Hajj to Mecca and ended up traveling to many more places.โดย Q-90.1 FM WUCX
Over 1,000 years ago there lived an English king who was not supposed to be king, but he turned out to be perhaps the most important ruler in British history.โดย Q-90.1 FM WUCX
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