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The human mind is capable of great things- It is better than any computer- impressive in its ways. However, it is also riddled by sin. It forgets. It is selective in what it believes. It desperately needs to be -renewed.---Click to listen to this sermon from Romans 12.โดย Dr. Toby B. Holt
October 10, 2021 // Genesis 14:1-16In spite of their dysfunction, God called Abraham and his descendants to be his people and through them to bless the world with grace! Nothing has changed! We, as God’s people, are still called to bless the world by giving them Jesus, who is the definition of grace!…
What can we learn from the ten commandments in Exodus 20? How can we keep God’s good law, since by nature we are rebels? And what has changed, now that Christ has come? Pastor Tan Sern Khoon preaches.โดย Various Speakers (ARPC)
Humans are prideful people. We want to take credit for all of our accomplishments and never recognize them as gifts from God. This is how we can view our own salvation as well. We must be reminded every day that salvation is by grace and not works.โดย Derrick Leitao The post Matthew 3:11-17, “The Baptism of Jesus Christ” appeared first on Ascension Presbyterian Church.โดย Rev. Eric Costa & Guest Speakers
A fig tree represented peace and cleansing. There was a high priest, Joshua who was standing before God filthy in soiled dress. The authorities said the man should not be standing before God. The Lord rebukes choosing to save the priest. He was a brand picked out of the fire. The iniquity was taken away. The Lord reminds us we need to be cleansed.-…
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