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June 13, 2021 // Revelation 20:1-10The book of Revelation is a glorious summation of the New Testament. Drawing on the Old Testament more than any other New Testament Book, it seeks to show that not only is Jesus worthy of praise and glory but it outlines how he is the reigning king that every eye shall see. He is the fulfillment of the entire Old …
Join Pastor Stuart in the next lesson in our series Humility Matters We will turn to Proverbs to hear that Humility Matters for the Way We Think You can learn more about Westminster Presbyterian Church atโดย Stuart Mizelle
Jerusalem was going down. The walls would be destroyed. The temple would burn. And the reason this was coming was because the people -did not know the hour of their visitation.---Click to learn why Jesus wept over the city of Jerusalem, and what implications this might have for the future.โดย Dr. Toby B. Holt
Pastor Michael Ives preached “Restored Hand, Withered Hearts” from Luke 6:6-11 at Presbyterian Reformed Church of Rhode Island. The post Restored Hand, Withered Hearts appeared first on Presbyterian Reformed Church.โดย Presbyterian Reformed Church
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