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Episode 2 of The Premier League Show, part of the Premiership Radio Podcast. Taking a look at the week that was in the Premier League. We rund down the matches & results, as well as their effect on the league table.โดย Premiership Radio
In the first edition of Tackling The Issues we take a look at Equality in Football. This episode deals with how The F.A. wants to address issues regarding making football available to all and ensuring that measures to remove barriers to entry and helping prevent issues such as race, gender, ethnicity & sexuality discrimination in football with furt…
Two of the internet's leading football (soccer) websites, Premiership Talk ( and Football Corner (, team up to bring you the very best in analysis and opinion ahead of the close of the World Cup. Broadcasting live with Premiership Talk from Boston and Football Corner from Ireland, this i…
Great at defending, attacking, and controlling the game. These midfielders are not only the engines of their clubs but often the most valuable players of the team. Find out who are the midfield stars of the Premiership.โดย Premiership America
Probably the most underappreciated players on the team, their job is to defend. The last European Footballer of the Year was an Italian defender and the captain of England plays center back. Find out who are the star defenders and goalkeepers in the Premiership.โดย Premiership America
The strikers usually get all the headlines because they score goals. To be a top striker in the Premiership you must have everything...speed, strength, quality, intelligence, and a knack for putting the ball in the back of the net.โดย Premiership America
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