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Episode 465: Puke is now in LA and surrounded by the loudest of people in an ABNB that isn't a stand-alone house. Andrew and Brett went to South Carolina for the pineapples. What would you do if you would die in five minutes? Trying to pee in a cup inside of a car.
Episode 463: We've decided to change the format of the show to a coffee table book. Are women more attractive based on their name alone? Should a man wear slippers outside the house? Will VR ruin the world? What is the problem with the new gym? We answer none of these questions.
Episode 461: What do you do if you get propositioned for a threesome? We talk about that for an hour. What is a key-cock? Is one of our mother's a witch? Cobra Kai making us have emotions. Don't buy your mom a gun.
Recording Date - 28 / Nov / 2020 Intro Song - “The Trees” by Rush Talkings About - ~ Good morning Lake Tahoe! ~ My Dad's birthday would have been yesterday. ~ Driving the mountains at night. ~ Hwy 88 between Jackson, CA and Hope Valley, CA. ~ Rock scrabbling. ~ Puke wears a mask, […]
Recording Date - 27 / Nov / 2020 Intro Song - “Highway 101” by Social Distortion Talkings About - ~ Andrew doesn’t plan! ~ San Francisco ~ [a] CA not as awful as I thought. ~ Sausalito ~ The CA Coast ~ Getting the cultural bends. ~ Modesto ~ Dirty and depressing CA.
Episode 455: Puke is in California. The traffic is awful, the country is nice. He's in a photography paradise. Andrew is stuck at home watching TV and petting Puke's cat. Clothes shopping, elk, trip planning, star-gazing, grammar, and which letters of the alphabet are the best and the worst.
Episode 453: Andrew is going to see a picture show, is a cold weather puss, and doesn't have joy. Puke isn't excited about his work trip, dislikes poor communication, and is forced to think about life goals. Do you have fridgeulance?
Episode 452: Newdio! We've moved the studio yet again, but in record time we were back up and slingin' slapstick. Puke has delicate hands, a sick cat, and an upcoming trip. Andrew talks about Nashville, guitars, spiders on ships, and fighting the bureaucrats. Andrew also bought yet another car. SOAP!…
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