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In your Phone Tap, Jose call a guy who lives in a tall apartment building to tell him he's been caught SNOOPING on his neighbors with bincoulars and now it’s time he gets a taste of his own medicine.โดย MOViN 92.5 | Hubbard Radio
Today’s Phone Tap victim recently matched with a doctor on a dating app, and Jeff's stepping in to be that flirty doctor… but, at the moment his hands might be full with an active surgery!โดย MOViN 92.5 | Hubbard Radio
Today’s Phone Tap victim is waiting for an inspector to call him and give him the green light to buy a home, but Brooke's on the other line instead and his new ROOF has some BIG issues.โดย MOViN 92.5 | Hubbard Radio
One of our listeners emailed us and said her husband FORGOT her birthday, and she thought the best way to get back at him was to have Brooke Phone Tap him pretending to be his dentist!โดย MOViN 92.5 | Hubbard Radio
We got an email from an orthodontist asking us to Phone Tap his new receptionist. We guarantee she’s never had a call as bizarre and uncomfortable as Jeffrey and his demanding patient requests...โดย MOViN 92.5 | Hubbard Radio
Today’s Phone Tap victim recently got a noise complaint in her own apartment for being loud while watching the Bachelor. We heard what she said and she’s not gonna like what Jeff has to say about it...โดย MOViN 92.5 | Hubbard Radio
In today’s Phone Tap Jeff pretends to be a landlord who's offering a free month of rent to any tenant that can complete his scavenger hunt! They’re not gonna like what that entails though…โดย MOViN 92.5 | Hubbard Radio
It's finally here...The countdown for the Top 10 Phone Taps of Christmas has reached #1... This is THE BEST Phone Tap of the year....and it all starts in a sandwich shop, where an employee is about to find himself in a very bizarre situation...โดย MOViN 92.5 | Hubbard Radio
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