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Radical activist citizen journalism. A weekly radio programme on RTRFM (92.1FM), a community radio station based in Perth, the capital city of Western Australia. We bring an independent perspective to the analysis of news and issues and provide a forum for activists, campaigners, academics, advocates and workers denied a voice by the mainstream media. Covering indigenous issues, post-capitalist/anti-capitalist analysis, refugee rights, antifa and all the important environmental, economic and ...
Pete, Matt and Kymba are something different for breakfast in Perth. From 6am-9am weekdays you can rely on them to deliver Everything Perth – from the big celebrities in town to the sport that matters to important local issues. Plus their trademark fun and laughter and plenty of cool competitions and prizes! Listen live 6am-9am weekdays on Mix 94.5 Perth or catch up with them here.
The Perthian Chronicles is a ten year project seeing curious fellow, Ryan Marano, creating verbal sketches of the passionate people of Perth. And to hopefully revisit these chronicles and their authors in ten years time for a recap. So like a fine wine these chronicles will appreciate with time but for now its tastes like a bitter Rose.
We play in places and spaces you'd never expect to find an orchestra, from sheds to warehouses, foyers to art deco cinemas and aeroplane hangers! We perform music from Mozart to Metallica, Björk to Beethoven and everything in between. Our mission is 'Music for Everyone' and by taking the orchestra out of the concert hall and into communities across WA, we are proud to have performed to over 350,000 people so far.
In this podcast we’re looking forward to sharing key information: from interviews with service providers and government representatives, to insights from local business leaders and best practice champions. We want to provide you with the information and tools to inspire and help you take your business to the next level Whether that’s by accessing a new funding program, or considering creative and innovative ways to operate These episodes will be short, sweet and get straight to the point so ...
Join Loren Johnson from Acting Classes In Perth as he explores basic acting tips, thoughts and ideas in these FREE Online acting classes for beginners looking to explore their creativity, find something fun and a little different. Loren will take you thought everything you need to know to get started as an actor in Perth. Learn how to prepare a character for an audition, through to contacting talent agents along with loads more. If you are tired of your 9-5 job and looking to take back contr ...
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Practice makes perfect Perth, so get to it. This is your practice session for the week. See for privacy information.โดย Hit Network
This week we feature our first Tik Tok star, Joel Kandiah. Joel is a Commerce teacher at Scotch College and is making an impact on the younger generations with his extremely popular Tik Tok page, The History of Money. If you are saving for your first home, this one is for you.โดย The Perth Property Show
သာသနာတော်၌ တည်ဆောက်ခြင်း by ပါသ္ျမန္မာႏွစ္ျခင္းအသင္းေတာ္โดย ပါသ္ျမန္မာႏွစ္ျခင္းအသင္းေတာ္
00:00 What happened when your parents dragged you to parties? 06:57 Justin Longmuir 11:55 Just a regular night at Pete’s house 16:23 Peking Duk 21:58 Designer Kate Watts doesn’t want her dresses to be rented 27:14 What a week – Matt’s song about the rain See for privacy information.…
00:00 What’s your death row meal? 06:58 Matt went to a cool café 10:24 Keith Urban 18:31 You can’t say that on a first date chat! 23:48 Oscar Allen See for privacy information.โดย Hit Network
00:00 The Bachelor: Jimmy Nicholson 06:08 How many people actually notice your face? 11:20 Mark McGowan: Why is he always late to his press conferences? 18:32 Disney in Concert: Amy Manford & Genevieve McCarthy 27:30 International Eating House See for privacy information.โดย Hit Network
00:00 Manly tasks too much for Matt 04:13 Police Commissioner Chris Dawson 12:59 How quickly did you have another baby? 19:06 Year kidding me 24:48 Did they stop the whole thing for you? 29:48 Matt’s been lying to us See for privacy information.โดย Hit Network
00:00 Jon Bernard: The Tik Tok Covid Predictor 05:19 Barra Mundy: Adrian Barich talks weekend sport 13:00 School subjects – What subject would you drop and replace it with? 20:19 Hughesy: Enduring another lockdown 24:26 Pete tests new Tik Tok filter on his daughter 27:58 Cardboard beds at Tokyo Olympics See for privacy infor…
00:00 What’s it like doing a sex scene as an actor? 05:12 Confessions 13:29 Are you smarter than an 11-year-old from 1912? 19:11 What a week – Matt’s Euro 2020 song 22:58 Weird food combinations 28:43 Lehmo – Drive through vaccinations See for privacy information.โดย Hit Network
00:00 Justin Longmuir & Kymba get steamy 06:12 Everything in Matt’s house is a lie 08:49 Perth’s funniest home videos 15:54 Faith 22:03 Kymba’s friend has a pet bird 25:27 Matt tried to namedrop at the shop See for privacy information.โดย Hit Network
00:00 Kymba’s cheeky dinner party 03:24 Renee Gracie is suing Instagram 08:26 Baby names: Why do some parents punish their kids? 14:48 Masterchef winner Justin Narayan 19:29 Your house, your rules 22:39 What Mario 64 is worth today See for privacy information.โดย Hit Network
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