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An unofficial Star Wars podcast exploring the beloved stories of the Old Republic as told in the Star Wars Legends continuity and looking forward to what they mean for the Canon Old Republic stories to come. Please rate, comment, and subscribe on your favorite podcast app or on SoundCloud. Donate to A People's History of the Old Republic on Cash App at$lukeisamazing
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in this episode, we talk about the politics of the Sith, which aren't terribly complicated because it's just power for power's sake. but we also got to name some random Sith, so who's to say if it's bad?โดย PHOTOR podcast
we're back and we've got a special guest. in this episode, Luke and Kelsey welcome Star Wars and sci-fi author, John Jackson Miller. Mr. Miller has written a number of things for Star Wars over the years, most of which were set in the Old Republic and we covered during our Legends Old Republic narrative. He wrote the KOTOR comics (series 4), the Lo…
we're back to continue discussing the politics of the Force with more on the workings of the godlike Cosmic Force. this time, we focus on redemption in Star Wars, the presence of the Whills, and Solo Luck. enjoy!โดย PHOTOR podcast
We're back to continue discussing the politics of the Force. this time, we talk about the interesting aspect of the Force: the Cosmic Force. you know, the one that has its own will and moves people to achieve its goals and, on occasion, intervenes to save a Force user's soul. so check it out!โดย PHOTOR podcast
is the Force an energy field or a godlike entity? what does balance mean? does the Force actually care if people are good or evil? let's find out as we talk about how the different aspects of the Force work and how they affect the Galaxy Far Far Awayโดย PHOTOR podcast
we're back and we've consolidated Thunderous Applause under PHOTOR. this is just a quick episode to talk about how the podcast will be structured going forward, what we will be covering on the show, and what you can expect in terms of regular and patreon content. we're glad to be back!โดย PHOTOR podcast
A standalone episode containing the new epilogue that was recently added to ep. 7.7, which covers the events of Echoes of Oblivion, the latest SWTOR content update, released on Dec. 9, 2020. We added this standalone version to make it easier for listeners who have already finished ep. 7.7 to find and check out the epilogue.…
Luke and Kelsey are back to complete series 9 and round out the Old Republic narrative we began way back in episode 1.0. We talk about the Sith survival, the rise of Darth Zannah, and the death of Darth Bane.But don't worry, we will have one final episode, 9.5, to cap off the narrative.โดย PHOTOR podcast
Luke and Kelsey are back to cover the Sixth and Seventh Ruusan battles of Ruusan, the destruction of the Sith, the Ruusan Reformations, and the Fall of the Old Republic.Map of the galaxy:…30325041255โดย PHOTOR podcast
Luke and Kelsey are back to cover everything from 1,031 to 1,000 BBY and discuss the Brotherhood of Darkness, the Army of Light, and Darth Bane.Map of the galaxy:…30325041255โดย PHOTOR podcast
Luke and Kelsey are back to cover everything from 2,000 to 1,032 BBY and tell the story of Kerra Holt, the Knight Errant.Map of the galaxy:…30325041255โดย PHOTOR podcast
Series 9 covers the events of the New Sith Wars, including the Darth Bane Trilogy of novels and the Knight Errants series. It briefly covers the timeline from 3625-2000 BBY but focuses mostly on 2,000 to 980 BBY.Luke and Kelsey are back! They dive into the meta surrounding the New Sith Wars and try to get into the mind of George Lucas to figure out…
Luke and Kelsey do their best to wrap up SWTOR in fitting fashion. Also there are more superweapons. An epilogue that covers the most recent content update, Echoes of Oblivion, has been added to the end of this episode (2/16/21).Map of the galaxy:…30325041255โดย PHOTOR podcast
Luke and Kelsey are back to talk about SWTOR's 1st 2 story expansions and introduce the Eternal EmpireMap of the galaxy:โดย PHOTOR podcast
Ep. 7.1: The Great Galactic War (3681-3653)Kelsey and Luke discuss the events of the Great Hyperspace War, including the return of the Sith Empire to the Galaxy, Satele Shan catching a lightsaber blade with her bare hand, and the Sack of Coruscantโดย PHOTOR podcast
Series 7 covers the events of the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG, including all 5 story expansion, as well as the 4 novels, 3 comics, 5 cinematics, and 17+ short stories released in connection with the game. It covers 3654 and 3950 briefly before moving to 3681-3630 with the main events of the game occurring between 3643-3630.Luke and Kelsey ar…
Just Luke with a brief update on when Series 7 will start (next week), a brief new intro to Ep. 1.0, and Luke and Kelsey's appearance at ForceFest, a virtual Star Wars convention, on Sunday, August 30, 2020 at 3:15 EST.ForceFest: panel:…
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