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Join me on my journey through my research and discover some amazing and bizarre things in history, as well as encounters I had in my own mind. We will cover occult themes, the paranormal, theology, mythology, and even cryptids! But this isn't just about my journey, I want to hear from you! Send in your strange and unusual events! Let's make this, our journey.
Welcome to PRRS Radio! Join Jenny Stewart, show host and the team as they take you to various locations to investigate. Weekly shows on paranormal investigating along with some amazing guest, PRRS promises to keep you on the edge as we explore the shadows. Upcoming shows of interest; The Witches Castle continues as we once again seek out the things that go bump in the night there with the aid of the ghost box. Waverly Hills in Louisville Ky. We take you there before it is changed forever. Th ...
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In this episode, we will be talking about some of the Greek creation myths, including a lesser known one from Orphism. As always, you can send me your paranormal or strange stories at, on Twitter at _SpiritWithin, or our Facebook Group SpiritWithinPodcast. To give you the best story possible, I have created a Patreon pag…
Join Jenny Stewart from PRRS and World Renowned psychic, medium Christopher Reburn for another great addition of the Morning Show. This week they will be discussing Paranormal vs. Paranoia.โดย Archive
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