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Ep 202: This episode we have special guest Harrison Glaser from Take Flight Spittin’ Fire 🔥🔥 Podcast joins us to speak on his take on the Jets offseason for and what are his expectations for this upcoming season. Much more Jets talk is on this episode.
Ep 200: Chris and Charman joins us for a reunion episode to talk about the jets and nfl offseason. Also Christa joins us to talk about her experience on going to the flight 2022 and training camp. Thank y’all so much for 200 episodes. #TakeFlight
Ep 196: What’s going on with the Jets OTAS? Update on Mims, Sauce, and The LT/RT battle. We got special guest Matty Ice from Overdue Bills Podcast come and talk to us about the bills offseason. Also, what to expect from the AFC East battle? #TakeFlight
EP 187: Special Guest Christa talks to the hosts about her 78 day journey on getting the Jets to resign berrios. Another Special Guest Ian from JetsCentral speaks with us on the draft and how he think the JD did in the offseason. #TakeFlight
Ep 179: Our Final Thoughts on the AFC and NFC Championship games. Fant and Becton will battle it out for the starting LT position for next season? Cam Clark retires. Brain Flores news and how it can effect the Giants, Broncos and Dolphins. #TakeFlight
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