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Roadblock is a Christian podcast hosted and produced by Nicolette Swaby. Our aim is to edify, encourage, and strengthen you, our friends, so that you will be empowered to empower and serve others. Our greatest desire is to see our friends walking in freedom, experiencing joy, and living out their God given purpose while facing the roadblocks in this journey of life.
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Are you a full time minister, or do you feel God drawing you in that direction? This story in the glory feature has powerful gems that can shape the right perspective concerning full time ministry. Be blessed as I sit with Evangelist Annestta Samuels inside our heart to heart conversation of her journey as a full time minister for the past seven ye…
This session features Isabel Williams as she shares in a vulnerable yet liberating heart to heart conversation. If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature. Old things are passed away and all things have become new and of God. It's time to say bye bye to the old and hello to newness of life in God. Support the show (…
It is time to let go of the weight, the baggage and the sin that is preventing you from experiencing the fulness of God in you. You can do it by the power of the Holy Spirit. Support the show (โดย Nicolette Swaby
The 3rd season of the Roadblock Podcast is here! And we have officially launched our video sessions. Stay tuned on all major platforms to our heart to heart conversations for 2021 and be sure to subscribe to my new Youtube channel for the Roadblock podcast video sessions. Subscribe to Mrs Nicolette Swaby on Youtube. We will only get better. Let's g…
Looking at God's passion to heal your heart and manifest the power of His Spirit in you. Tribute to my grandmother. Rest in heaven, mama, Linette Morgan! I love you mama! You taught me well. I will meet you at the bank of the beautiful river. Support the show (โดย Nicolette Swaby
Story in the Glory feature with Bishop Lorna Wesley on leaving Catholicism and her freedom in Christ. Support the show (โดย Nicolette Swaby
Story in the the Glory feature with Isabel Chen sharing 'Gems from my Childhood' Support the show (โดย Nicolette Swaby feat. Isabel Chen
A special Story in the Glory Feature with Pastor Petrena Powell of Greater Works Community Church of God in Stamford, Connecticut, sharing her story dealing with hypothyroidism- overactive thyroid for over seven years. Support the show (โดย Nicolette Swaby
Introducing the Roadblock: a journey inside the podcast, Roadblock, giving you an overview of our purpose and what we offer as we live out our stories in the glory of God. Support the show (โดย Nicolette Swaby
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