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Let's be honest - the images we consistently see around beauty and skincare are pretty monotonous. Glossy. Blemish-free. Fair-skinned. What message is that sending when majority of folks are living with imperfect skin? In this episode, I chat with a Brooklyn-based florist and self-proclaimed "retired skincare enthusiast" about how she loves her ski…
It's 2020 and sex should no longer be a taboo subject....yet here we are! In this episode, I'm joined by Sydney Parker (@sydnoelle.mvmt), and we chat about what sex positivity is and all it encompasses. Oh yeah - she also drops some major tips on how to take the perfect nude.
In the season two premiere, I sit down with Vera, a poppin' black woman who owns her own lingerie line, Love Vera. We get into hella topics, y'all. She gives us insight as to what made her decide to become an exclusively black brand, how other brands can be more size inclusive, and what gets her in the mood to snap some nudes! While you’re listenin…
If you're tired of hearing about how petite women have nothing to complain about - this episode is for you. If you're the one saying that petite women have nothing to complain about- this episode is, in fact, also for you.
Welcome to The Naked Truth with Nicole Dei! In this podcast, I'll be chatting with a range of guests focusing on body confidence, beauty standards, and so much more. Episode 1 will be launching on January 28, 2019 so make sure you stay tuned!
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