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YEEEERRRRRR!!!! WHAT'S GOOD N-Y-C! Dave, Jonathan, Irving, and Yousef bring you their take on everything NYCFC! With a unique, local sound and fan perspective, not found anywhere else, NYCFC Forever Pod puts you in the stands for every NYCFC moment. This podcast is for fans by fans, for those that KNOW THE VYBEZ! Hope you enjoy!


C3 NYC is a church for the people of New York City led by Pastors Josh and Georgie Kelsey. Our vision is Jesus Christ, our reality is freedom, our mission is people, and our cause is love. Join us this Sunday online, find out more at
Tune in with as I discuss modern era topics, not limited to one specific genre, with various special guests & co-host Ash Dollas. We want everyone to be able to relate. Literally everyone! Enjoy! On the show, we sit down with other media personnel, as well as entertainers/musicians/ entrepreneurs etc to get to know about their hustle and devotion to their craft and much more! Official sounds by: Selecta Sha Follow us on social media: Instagram @vontenyc ...
Your energetic daily dose of the Big Apple in around 7 minutes. NYC notables tell their story and shine a light on the city that never sleeps in less time than you need to take a shower or brew a cup of coffee. Meet New York's famous and infamous and learn about the city that makes them tick, in under ten minutes. Hosted by Alex Mitow; guests including musicians, artists, impresarios, chefs, politicians, activists, and celebrities.
Meta Church is a church based in New York City, and we're committed to helping you experience the transformative power of Jesus in your life. In this weekly podcast from Pastors Ricky and Krista Ortiz, you'll hear messages that are encouraging, relevant to everyday life, and that will inspire you to take the next step in your journey with Jesus.
Nyce Talk

Nyce Talk

Having personable,intimate conversation and turning negative into Nyce inspirational thoughts.. Come join me for a Nyce Talk.. Let's go and let go.. Subgenre : Lifestyle - Self Help My Memoir/Poet/Inspirational Speaker/Optimist/Visionary/Humanitarian Support this podcast:
Full of "infectious grooves and familiar melodies inter weaved with the newest sounds and modern beats." If you like electronic and dance music particularly with vocals then this podcast is for you. Take it to the gym, the dance floor, or your favorite party. One of the longest running vocal house dance music podcasts (debuted February, 2009). Listed "What's Hot" by Apple, top 20 global reach music podcast, iTunes Top 100 Music podcast chart, "Awesomesauce" featured by Tunr app ...
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Alex sits down with Jewish American rapper, Rami Matan aka Kosha Dillz. We discuss moving to Brooklyn, his dad immigrating to the US, performing on the streets outside of the Grammys, his new single, and more! Stick around to the end for an amazing freestyle. 7 Minutes in NY is a podcast hosted by Alex Mitow, CEO of Superfine Art Fair, that highlig…
Michele Natal, Co-Chair of the City Bar’s Recruitment & Retention of Lawyers Committee and an attorney at Mayer Brown, speaks with Muhammad Faridi, her Committee Co-Chair and a Partner at Patterson Belknap, and James A. Lewis, V, Executive Director of the City Bar’s Office for Diversity and Inclusion, about how the Diversity Fellows program has hel…
We had the tremendous honor and privilege of having our good friend, Pastor Faith Eury Cho, with us at our July Gathering! She shared a timely message on the power of gathering together through the book of Acts. Check it out!โดย Pursuit NYC
Join us in our new BETTER NOW series as we kick off in Romans 5, looking at the good news of how humanity's ruin is followed by Christ's rescue and a new reign of grace. Our old life, inherited from Adam's sin in Genesis 3, is nothing in comparison to what we've been given freely in Christ!
We live in a world where it's so easy to focus on our selves... We become, and even celebrate, being self-serving, self-preserving, and self-seeking. But when it comes to following the way of Jesus, none of those aspects of "self" were things Jesus did nor were they things He said we should aspire toward. Instead, Jesus made it clear that it should…
The Christian faith often focuses only on the character and story of Jesus. While Jesus is a central to the Christian faith, God the Father and the Holy Spirit also are important to understand as well. In this series we will focus on learning how each of the other two aspects of the trinity play a role in how we embrace the whole story of the gospe…
In this episode we talked with 3 artist currently displaying their art at the SFA Projects-backed art exhibit: Sentiment. Follow all the artists taking part of this exhibition here: Chemin Hsiao David Nakabayashi Ji Yong Kim Kamonchanok …
It's a waxed and vaxxed summer baby! We're following up our first episode to see how dating culture has flourished post lockdown. Is this the summer of relationships or the summer of hookups? We went out to the streets of NYC to ask the people and get the answer straight from the source.
On today’s episode we have upcoming and new artist, FBRest In Peace Taneequa Brooks & Ayesha K Faines & Prayers to Haiti (1:00). Lyrical Flexercise Cypher volume 4 & battle rap event info (2:12). Introduction to FB (3:05). Admitting my new found love for Drill music (5:02). FB talks about For The shakes, part 2 and No Chance which are his three cur…
Join Tina, Debi and Greg LIVE on July 5th at 7pm EST to pay our respects to our friend the late Michael Henry with music and stories on how he touched lives. This a call in show so please call us 917.889.917โดย gregfilms
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