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Mythical Misfits

Mythical Misfits

Mythical Misfits Podcast

As legend has it, there were once 3 co-workers with a shared affinity for all things mythological. Their names were Max, Nelson, and CJ. Despite their differences in personality, or perhaps because of them, they shared divine banter some have described as “legendary”. With their interest in mythology and the power of their banter, Max, Nelson, and CJ embarked on a quest to impart knowledge and entertainment on the mortal realm. They vowed to enlighten their followers about all cultures: both ...
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Join the Misfits while we discuss the west African trickster god Anansi and his inappropriate manner of harvesting Okra. Our second installment of the trickster god series features a god that you'll actually end up rooting for in the end. Anansi breaks from societal norms and gave hope to an oppressed people. As always, reach out to mythicalmisfits…
The Misfits go round-robin presenting on snakes (sneks) of different cultures and continents. First, they talk about snake anatomy that very few people really needed to know, then take a trip to MesoAmerica, Europe, and Africa. Learn about Nyami-Nyami and their rock, Jormungandr and his history with Thor, and finally Quetzalcoatl and how we're all …
Nelson takes our first trip into Egyptian culture discussing the story of Osiris. With the help of the Greek historian Plutarch, we piece together a narrative, and deliver it in classic Misfits fashion. From extramarital ladies to blackmailing the Sun god, this myth has all the drama you should expect out of bored deities. Questions, comments, corr…
The misfits take their discussion to the Emerald Isle, Ireland. CJ presents us with a very literal pissing contest with some dire consequences. And despite spoiling some information via the translated title, the events still come as a shock. Enjoy some next-level silliness from all the misfits as we visit Celtic mythology.…
The Misfits start their series on trickster gods. Fitting since First up: Loki! Max explains some of his background and his integral role in the creation of some pretty important and well-known Norse mythology artifacts. As always, feedback is welcomed at Or, look for us on Instagram!…
Spoiler: This is about Thor. The Misfits take a break from their standard format to take a deep-dive into a singular story of how Thor lost his mojo..I mean hammer. Send us feedback! If you like this format or prefer our earlier episodes, let us know! Mythicalmisfitspod@gmail.comโดย Mythical Misfits Podcast
The Misfits explore legendary sea creatures. From Krakens to Selkie ("slammin' hotties with seal bodies"), we go over sea creatures from all over the world from Scotland to Japan. Reach out to us at for feedback, ideas, or anything in between!โดย Mythical Misfits Podcast
In their second episode, the Misfits explore the underworld of Aztec, Norse, and Greek mythologies. From 4 year treks through hell to corpse strands, the Misfits explore it all. Feedback on the episode? Something you'd like to have us talk about? Email us at!โดย Mythical Misfits Podcast
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