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Negative mood can equal bad food choices and vice versa. But temptation can affect mood.Scott unpacks research that suggests good mood leads to healthy food choices.โดย Scott Abel, Mike Forest
Would you call a lean 5’9”, 208-lb. man frail? Someone did.Scott got trolled online after publishing his overeating experiment results and now takes his turn responding.โดย Scott Abel, Mike Forest
Fantasy over reality. Fad diets promise satisfaction, gratify in the short term, but disappoint in the long term.Scott compares the techniques used by the diet and diet food industry to those used by the porn industry.โดย Scott Abel, Mike Forest
Is there such a thing as a trained metabolism?What happens if you go off-diet for nearly a month?Scott intentionally overate during his recent three-week vacation, to test the resilience of his own metabolism. He reports the results back from this experiment.โดย Scott Abel, Mike Forest
Why do I keep doing this to myself?Scott shares three practical keys to stopping the cycle of failure in weight loss and physique transformation.โดย Scott Abel, Mike Forest
Scott outlines six approaches that consistently lead to weight loss failure, offers alternatives that work, and answers questions from his live audience.โดย Scott Abel, Mike Forest
Deprivation diets attract people susceptible to eating disorders, and they are showing up on social media disguised as legitimate weight loss methods.The Coach discusses them and shares tips for how to spot a dangerous diet.โดย Scott Abel, Mike Forest
Why does one-on-one coaching consistently deliver sustainable results where DIY approaches fail to transform and then maintain physique?Scott expands on three reasons why.โดย Scott Abel, Mike Forest
Special guest Erin Simmons joins Scott for a free-flowing chat about her own past in collegiate athletics, academia, and why she chose to abandon fitness modeling.โดย Scott Abel, Mike Forest
Krista Scott-Dixon, PhD., fitness and nutrition coach and author, shares wisdom on professional coaching, and how women and women’s athletics are reshaping the industry and world.โดย Scott Abel, Mike Forest
Three diet constants continue to appear among Scott’s clients who’ve transformed their physiques, sustain those results, and even continue to improve.โดย Scott Abel, Mike Forest
Internationally-renown coach, gym owner, and fitness author Rachel Cosgrove joins Scott in a free-flowing conversation about women and fitness: the industry, issues, goals and transformations.โดย Scott Abel, Mike Forest
Coach Lee Boyce joins Coach Scott for an hour-long chat about the ins-and-outs, ups-and-downs of being an expert fitness professional today.โดย Scott Abel, Mike Forest
Scott shares the inside scoop on his own history with steroids, what really goes on behind the scenes with steroids in the bodybuilding world, and why he left it all behind.โดย Scott Abel, Mike Forest
Ryan Lum, the Happy Healthy Vegan, joins Scott for a friendly chat about fitness, diet and the challenges of honest debate in today’s online world.โดย Scott Abel, Mike Forest
Scott presents the latest clinical research into the body’s internal clock and makes practical suggestions on how to apply it for optimized metabolism and better physique.โดย Scott Abel, Mike Forest
Physician and nutrition expert Dr. Michael Greger talks with Scott about his research and offers some basic truths about diet and nutrition.โดย Scott Abel, Mike Forest
Scott discusses the benefits of therapeutic testosterone replacement therapy, its effects, the symptoms it treats, and how it widely differs from stacked steroid usage.โดย Scott Abel, Mike Forest
Think protein is the macronutrient that satisfies best? Think again. Scott shares peer-reviewed scientific research that says differently.โดย Scott Abel, Mike Forest
Scott and JC host a live Q&A session, fielding audience questions about exercise methods, biomechanics, the pros and cons of combining training methods, and the importance of recovery.โดย Scott Abel, Mike Forest
Scott and JC discuss how an expert coach can adjust and succeed in today’s oft-unfair world of social media marketing without selling out.โดย Scott Abel, Mike Forest
Gastroenterologist Angie Sadeghi, MD, joins Scott to talk about gut health and fitness-related topics ranging from digestive and metabolic consequences of physique competition, fad diets, body image, to strategies for getting and staying lean.โดย Scott Abel, Mike Forest
JC Santana and Scott continue their conversation on biomechanics and functional training. In this episode, they examine how training methods and intensities should be re-examined to preserve joint health and athletic performance.โดย Scott Abel, Mike Forest
Functional fitness trailblazer and biomechanics expert JC Santana joins Scott for a spirited conversation about biomechanics, training methodology, and the challenges of marketing real expertise in today’s fitness environment.โดย Scott Abel, Mike Forest
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