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We talk to Pat Strubbe about his latest book, The Retirement Secret: a simple approach to financial peace of mind, which lays out the foundation to effectively plan for retirement. Find out more from Preservation Specialists online and connect them on Facebook and Instagram. Follow Pat on Twitter.โดย Bruce Sellery
We talk to Daniel Goldgut, co-founder of Epilogue, about their online will preparation tool to help you include your pets in your will to make sure you pet is safe in the future. Check out the Epilogue website and connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.โดย Bruce Sellery
We talk to Carl Davies, Head of Fraud & Identity at Equifax Canada, about how you can fight fraud within the mortgage industry with their new tool called ClearPro. Check out the Equifax website and find them on Linkedin.โดย Bruce Sellery
We talk to the CEO of Delic, Matt Stang, about how psychedelics could be the next investment opportunity. Find out more on the Delic website and connect with them on Instagram and Facebook.โดย Bruce Sellery
We talk to Aleksandra Jassem and Nikita Stanley about their new book, Get Your “S” Together: The Rebel Mama’s Handbook For Financially Empowered Mom’s. Which is a financial guide for new moms and moms-to-be. Check out the Rebel Mama site or connect with them on Twitter.โดย Bruce Sellery
Cannabis has been legal for years now. Could psychedelics be next? Matt Stang, CEO of Delic Corp, tells us about where he thinks this unique industry is heading. And, whether you’re a cat or a dog person you might want to consider planning for your pet’s financial future in your will. Daniel Goldgut from Epilogue will tell us why. Then, a new tool …
We talk to Linda Bryson, Director of Resource Development for FINCA Canada, about their OppHERtunity campaign whose goal is to help support women and their economic growth in developing countries. Check out FINCA Canada and their OppHERtunity campaign and connect with Linda on Linkedin.โดย Bruce Sellery
We talk to Jillian Kennedy, a Partner at Mercer and the leader of the firm’s “Financial Wellness” business, about the finding from their Mercer Retirement Readiness Barometer that women on average retire with account balances that are 30% lower then men. Find more at and follow Jillian on Twitter.…
We talk to the founder of Neo Financial, Andrew Chau, about what makes this new consumer banking solution separates itself from traditional banks. Find out more at and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.โดย Bruce Sellery
We talk to Roma Luciw who along with Rob Carrick co-host the Globe & Mail’s podcast, Stress Test. The podcast takes a look at how the rule of personal finance changed during the pandemic. Check out the podcast and connect with Roma on Twitter.โดย Bruce Sellery
We talk to the founder of Iris Asset Management, Juliette Johns, about what exactly is an IPO and takes us through everything you need to know. Check out Iris Asset Management and connect with Juliette on Linkedin.โดย Bruce Sellery
IPOs are in the headlines almost daily. Juliette John from Iris Asset Management tells us what to watch out for. And, the Globe and Mail’s personal finance team created a podcast to help you navigate through the uncertain times. Roma Luciw tells us what we can expect when listening to Stress Test. Then, Mercer’s Retirement Readiness Barometer found…
We talk to Paula Davis, the Founder and CEO of the ‘Stress & Resillience Institute’, about her new book, BEATING BURNOUT AT WORK: Why Teams Hold the Secret to Well-Being and Resillience and why organizations need to help combat ‘workplace burnout’. Connect with Paula on Linkedin and Twitter. Follow the Stress & Resillience Institute on Instagram an…
We talk to Will Carmichael, CEO of RoosterMoney, about the tips and tricks of teaching kids about money by integrating everyday activities. Follow Will on Twitter and connect with RoosterMoney on Twitter and Facebook.โดย Bruce Sellery
We talk to the Academic Director and Professor of Economics and Accountancy at the George Washington University School of Business, Annamaria Lusardi, about the research collaboration to find out why there is a gender gap when it comes to financial literacy and what are the causes. Connect with Anna on Twitter and follow the Global Financial Litera…
We talk to Fractions CEO, Hayden James, about how they have another way that helps people access the equity in their homes with an option called Fraction Technologies. Follow Fractions on Linkedin and Facebook.โดย Bruce Sellery
We talk to Steve Bridge , a certified financial planner and money coach, about the important question that people need to answer when planning for retirement: cash flow. Connect with Steve on Twitter and Facebook.โดย Bruce Sellery
Figuring out how much you want to spend in retirement is a critical step in your savings plan. Money Coach Steve Bridge takes us through the steps. And, closing the financial literacy gender gap. Annamaria Lusardi from the George Washington University School of Business tells us about new research that explains what’s behind this gap. Then, if you’…
We talk to Nancy Tengler, Chief Investment Officer at Laffer Tengler Investments, about her book The Women’s Guide To Successful Investing about how you can manage your finances and come up with a financial plan.โดย Bruce Sellery
We talk to Jeff Loomis, executive director of Momentum, and Eryland, a participant in the Momentum program, about how this non-profit helps those living on a low income help them navigate filing taxes with the Canadian Revenue Agency. Follow Momentum on Twitter | Instagram | Facebook.โดย Bruce Sellery
We talk to Joe Jacobs, managing partner at Mortgage Connection, about what you should know to get the best mortgage rate possible. Connect with Joe on Twitter and Instagram.โดย Bruce Sellery
We talk to the CEO of MakerKids, Jennifer Turliuk, about her new book called How to Figure Out What to Do With Your Life (Next). Connect with Jennifer on Twitter and on her website:โดย Bruce Sellery
You just quit your job. Now what? Jennifer Turliuk takes us through her book How to Figure Out What to Do With Your Life (Next). And, the real estate market and mortgage industry during covid times. Joe Jacobs from Mortgage Connection tells us what’s changed since the pandemic began. Then, financial productivity in just five minutes. Hanna Horvath …
We talk to Russell Alexander, founder of Russell Alexander Family Lawyers, about his book Everything You’ve Always Wanted To Know About Divorce. Follow Russell on Twitter.โดย Bruce Sellery
We look at the growing trend of learning about money and what is the best course for you is personal finance expert Lesley-Anne Scorgie. Find out more about MeVest here and follow Lesley-Anne on Twitter.โดย Bruce Sellery
We talk to the director of communications for Royalty Exchange, Antony Bruno, about their platform where musicians and investors come together and how the music royalty business works. Follow Antony on Twitter.โดย Bruce Sellery
We talk to author, Ken Honda, about his new book Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace With Your Money. Find out more about Ken on his website and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.โดย Bruce Sellery
Money is part IQ and part EQ, says author Ken Honda. He joins us to talk about his book Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace With Your Money. And, considering taking an online money course? Personal finance expert Lesley-Anne Scorgie takes us through what you should look for before signing up. And, using artificial intelligence and social …
We have Jennifer Holmes Weier, President and CEO of JA Central Ontario, and grade 11 student, Julian Kokhanovshyy, join us to talk about the JA Investment Strategies Program competition and what it took to win it. Follow JA Central Ontario on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.โดย Bruce Sellery
We talk to Greg Davies, head of behavioural finance at Oxford Risk, about how many financial adivisors are poorly equipped to help clients deal with their emotions. Follow Oxford Risk on Twitter.โดย Bruce Sellery
Idan Shlesinger, president of retirement solutions & executive vice president at Morneau Shepell, joins us to share some of the highlights from Morneau Shepell’s latest “Financial Wellbeing” index. This index aims to calculate the financial wellbeing of the population and understand the nuances across gender, region and jobs. Follow Morneau Shepell…
We talk to the founder and CEO of Masterworks, Scott Lynn, about how he started the company to let people invest in artwork without needing the millions to invest personally. Follow Masterworks on Facebook and Linkedin.โดย Bruce Sellery
You don’t have to be ultra wealthy to invest in art. Scott Lynn, founder of Masterworks, tells us about buying “shares” in blue-chip artwork. Then, Morneau Shepell’s latest Financial Wellbeing Index. Idan Shlesinger takes us through highlights. And, Greg Davies from Oxford Risk on how financial advisors can help clients deal with emotional investin…
We talk to Michael Meyer, founder of Obolx, a new life planning app that helps you visualize your future health and wealth milestones. Follow Obolx on Twitter and connect with Michael on Twitter.โดย Bruce Sellery
Rethink the wedding ceremony with Pop Up Chapel Co. We have the founder, Lynzie Kent, join us to talk about how they are offering a unique experience for couples looking for a more simple wedding without all the hassle. Follow Pop Up Chapel Co. on Facebook.โดย Bruce Sellery
We have Paige Wilson, founder of Naborforce, join us to talk about their service which connects older adults to community members who can provide companionship and care. Follow Naborforce on Facebook.โดย Bruce Sellery
We talk to Nigel Branker, President of Health and Productivity Solutions at Morneau Shepell, about their partnership with Shoppers Drug Mart to help Canadians gain access to mental health programs though a program called Abiliti-CBT. Connect with Nigel on Linkedin and follow AbilitCares on Instagram and Facebook.…
A unique way to get married during the pandemic. Lynzie Kent, owner of the Pop-Up Chapel Co, tells us about her new approach. Then, mental health support for Canadians. Nigel Branker from Morneau Shepell tells us about AbilitiCBT. And, focusing on older adults. Paige Wilson tells us about Naborforce, a U.S. service that connects older adults to com…
We talk to Mack Rogers, executive director of ABC Life Literacy Canada, about their online learning portal called ABC Skills Hub that offers a variety of courses to help you build your financial knowledge. Follow ABC Life Literacy Canada on Twitter and Facebook.โดย Bruce Sellery
We talk to David Wells, founder of Family Capital Strategy about how the ultra-wealthy are engaging in social causes to help make the world a better place. Connect with David on Twitter.โดย Bruce Sellery
We talk to Afterword co-founder, Effie Anolik, about how their service is to help clients plan a customized, virtual experience for loved ones who have passed away. Follow Afterword on Facebook.โดย Bruce Sellery
We talk to New York Times “Your Money” columnist, Ron Lieber, about his new book “The Price You Pay For College” and the hope that you will earn more money then post-secondary will cost. Connect with Ron on Twitter.โดย Bruce Sellery
How much does post-secondary education really cost? New York Times columnist Ron Lieber tells us about his new book The Price You Pay For College. Then, financial literacy for adults. Mack Rogers from ABC Life Literacy Canada tells us about the ABC Skills Hub. And, how grieving families can honour their loved ones during a pandemic. Effie Anolik, c…
We talk to the CEO and founder of the CARL app, Gunnar Cuevas, about how their new app makes quantitative hedge funds more accessible for regular investors. Follow CARL on Twitter.โดย Bruce Sellery
We talk to Rob Townsend, CEO of Camber, about their new tool called the Camber Dashboard which aims to help people better visualize their finances. Follow Camber on Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram. Connect with Rob on Linkedin and Twitter.โดย Bruce Sellery
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