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Mike, Kenny, and Marty discuss expectations in relationships and building trust. Marty shares how he sized Mike up in case he ever got out of line, Mike reveals what type of “Dope Boy” he would be and life on his college campus, and Kenny wants to dance!Check out Season 6!
Mike, Kenny, and Marty discuss the Sacred Sons podcast, “Undefining Masculinity with Jason Baldoni.” They share their thoughts on what masculinity means and providing a safe place for other men to share their struggles and show their authentic self.
After having a few conversations with several black women I think it's very clear that Black Women do not feel like Black men have their backs the same way that black women have black men do. Mike & Kenny have a discussion on Instagram Live to talk about what black men can do to be more supportive of black women.…
Mike and Kenny talk about their one on one basketball game, Draymond Green’s take on equal pay, update on the Deshaun Watson case, MLB pulling out of Atlanta, black QB stereotypes, and introduce a new segment, “One Gotta Go.”
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