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Welcome to another exciting episode of The Mega64 Podcast! This week we are talking about the Oscars! We also discuss The Mandolorin, and we put pen to paper as Derrick and Garrett sign the contract for their Twister rematch!โดย Mega64 Inc.
On the Catholic calendar, Lent is a period of 40 days of sacrifice. Thankfully, the Mega64 crew has sacrificed their own podcast and given us this platform to share news of our congregation. Join us at CGI (Catholic Gaming Insider) to find out the latest with our resident "nerds" on PS4 Pro, The Manidlornian, The Last of Them, and more!…
This week on The Mega64 Podcast, Rocco spills the beans on why he was detained by Disneyland security, we discuss The Oscar's current anti-slap measures, plus we talk behind the scenes on our recent Board Game Olympics stream.โดย Mega64 Inc.
This week on The Mega64 podcast we FINALLY get Super Bowl Sunday off and talk about the big game in extreme detail, Then we dive into the recent Nintendo Direct and all the "exciting" announcements, and finally, we discuss the newest trailers for The Flash and Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny!โดย Mega64 Inc.
Join us for the latest episode of the Mega64 Podcast! In this episode, we discuss Netflix's new policy changes and how it affects password sharing. We talk about how the Joker (aka Woker) is now pregnant? Lastly, we catch up on Rocco's recent appearance in People Magazine and how he is now officially a food influencer!…
This week on The Mega64 Podcast we talk about the first two episodes of The Last of Us HBO series, Shawn brings up his issues with James Cameron, and we talk about our recent Todd and Aaron video.โดย Mega64 Inc.
This week on The Mega64 Podcast we talk about our experience doing our panel at LA Comicon, what game we think is going to win The Game Awards, and Garrett's wrestling journey.โดย Mega64 Inc.
This week on The Mega64 podcast we talk about the tragic passing of legendary Power Rangers actor Jason David Frank, the new God of War, and we learn about the breaking Disney CEO news live on the show.โดย Mega64 Inc.
It finally happened, we finally made it to the most unholy podcast number in existence! We decide to play with an Ouija board and see what evil spirits we can conjure up. We also talk about near-death experiences, intrusive thoughts, and much more!โดย Mega64 Inc.
This week on The Mega64 Podcast, Shawn is in post Padres depression and Black Adam didn’t exactly help. We also talk about Halloween plans, taco supremacy, and an intense debate on who caused more brain damage: Dahmer or the new Halloween movie script.โดย Mega64 Inc.
This week on The Mega64 Podcast, the three kings are here to take the throne! We talk about the recent D23 games announcements, Shawn’s recent migraine scare, and we discuss how Queen Elizabeth was a huge gamer?โดย Mega64 Inc.
This week on The Mega64 Podcast we try to get sponsored by The Rock’s energy drink ZOA, we discuss Metaverse and the future of VR, and of course we have a slapdate for you!โดย Mega64 Inc.
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