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This week on The Mega64 podcast Derrick is back and tells us about his thrilling Vegas vacation! We talk about the making of the Limited Run E3 presentation and give our thoughts on everything else that’s been announced this week.โดย Mega64 Inc.
On this episode of the Mega64 Podcast we celebrate our anniversary by talking about our favorite food from Costco, filming with DV tapes, and working on the Limited Run Games presentation. For more check out our full-day Mega64 Day stream on Youtubeโดย Mega64 Inc.
This week on The Mega64 Podcast we get into the nitty-gritty and see who in the group has eaten the most meat! We also review the recent Chip n Dale movie and Garrett gets called a nerd while playing the new Evil Dead game.โดย Mega64 Inc.
This week on The Mega64 Podcast we got together and did a short podcast before Easter Sunday! We chat about filming a secret project while getting harassed by a park ranger, Rocco gets a cool new Patreon hoodie, and don't miss our full-day stream iDosers Delight Wednesday April 20th!โดย Mega64 Inc.
This week on the Mega64 Podcast everyone's back on the set so we've entered week 2 of the slap coverage. We also talk about how Rocco has the best taste in TV shows, Derrick re-reviews Licorice Pizza, and we are definitely going to the Star Wars hotel.โดย Mega64 Inc.
In this episode: We filmed this during the Super Bowl and talk about the commercials, half time show, little bit about football, but I swear it's brief. We also ask if we would rather be in Jackass Forever or Marry Me staring J-Lo. Check it out!โดย Mega64 Inc.
This week on the Mega64 Podcast we have special guest Dallas McLaughlin on to promote his new comedy album! We Also discuss Jackass Forever, weird crowd reactions, and which actor we think could replace Tom Holland in the Uncharted movie.โดย Mega64 Inc.
In this episode: It's Garrett's Birthday and we talk about how long we have been recording this podcast. We also talk about how hard The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time is. Plus, why did Shawn yell at an old man?โดย Mega64 Inc.
It's Tuesday so you know what that means! It's time for the Mega64 Podcast! This week we discuss When We Were Young music festival, major events that happened in 2012, and I guess we are still referencing Borat?โดย Mega64 Inc.
In this episode: It's 2022 and so much has happened since our last in studio podcast. We toured the country with the Last Laugh Tour, Version 4.1 came out, Todd and Aaron 2021 had their game awards! We talk about all of it and go into a bit of Version 4.1 behind the scenes. check out this super sized podcast!!!…
In this episode: This week on the podcast we're broadcasting from deep within cyberspace to bring you Cybercast 2021! Featuring special guest Digital Eric Baudour on the 1s and 0s. We talk about our recent tour, the rides at Dollywood that will actually kill you, and we went to Comicon... sorta.*Note* Podcast 628 is a video journal of our east coas…
The Mega64 live tour has BEGUN! We kicked off the Last Laugh tour in Orlando, Florida where our first stop is the world's biggest McDonald's, home of classic fast food like "fettuccini Alfredo." Then we pay a visit to Hulk Hogan's home turf. Yup, all the greatest American landmarks are hit on this very special Mega64 Podcast from the road!…
This week on the Mega64 Podcast Meg joins us as we talk about our recent Interactive Hell Festival stream. We also discuss Dune's extremely dense lore, our favorite Halloween Candy, and much much more!โดย Mega64 Inc.
In this episode: Rocco's new toy has arrived! We don't make fun of it once. We also talk Deathloop, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, and go into an in depth discussion of The Many Saints of Newark. Finally ask the question: Who is happier Jeff Bezos or Shawn. Check it out!!โดย Mega64 Inc.
In this episode: Of The Mega64 Podcast, we've vacated the pirate's cove and are on to a brand new set! We're also talking about Deathloop, unlimited pancakes at Ihop, and what is with this Applebee's song Derrick keeps singing??โดย Mega64 Inc.
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