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I'm feeling very thankful today, so in today's thanksgiving special we talk about the true meaning of christmas and go through the origins of the wonderful holiday, why it is the way it is, and the worlds perception of us fat americans. I talk about what I'm thankful for and then I obviously go on a tangent about several news stories including twit…
Deshaun Watson Refuses To Talk To The Media, Stephen Silas Joins The Show, Shut Yo Bum Ass Up, Ross' Rotten 5โดย SportsTalk 790 (KBME-AM)
Jose Abreu Officially An Astro, Jeff Bagwell Hates Computers, Jim Crane Is Not Done Spending, Jonathan Alexanderโดย SportsTalk 790 (KBME-AM)
Stephen Silas Joins The Show Bye Bye JV, Rizzo Loves Being A Yankee, Rockets Take On Mavs In Arlington, Shut Yo Bum Ass Upโดย SportsTalk 790 (KBME-AM)
Ross and Michael are in for Matt Thomas to discuss the news that Dusty Baker will return and James Click doesn't look to be far behind. Also, Brandin Cooks is back with the Texans and will have a new role with the team. We also give out some gut feelings and Play "Will Michael know".โดย SportsTalk 790 (KBME-AM)
the title is misleading. Today we start by talking about tom brady's inevitable divorce and speculate on what caused it. Then we obviously have to talk about elon and twitter since everyone else in the world is talking about that. Finally we look at the curious case of darrell brooks (the moron murderer who killed 6 people in a christmas parade), a…
My assistant returns to tell us where shes been and introduce our new puppy. Then we go on several random tangents, talk about horror movies (The new Grinch one is coming out), and we go to reddit obviously to solve strangers problems. Fun episode. Enjoy
We start today off philosophical again as I talk about life, digital personas, and an update on my hypothetical situation. Then we go off the rails for some more fun and list off a few things that I doesn't understand. Finally we get back to the roots of the show by heading over to reddit for some good ol fashioned fun.…
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