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Matt briefly tells a story about how Prince once tweeted back at him, before he and Jessica do a deep dive into their own spiritual history, present, and future.โดย Jessica Carlson & Matt Houchin
Jessica is back in the host chair as Matt talks briefly about meeting Christina Ricci. The rest of the episode is mainly about making wedding vows and then getting divorced.โดย Jessica Carlson & Matt Houchin
Jessica didn't show up for the interview, so Matt asks his friend Robb to fill in at the last minute. Robb and Matt discuss their interactions with Kato Kaelin which include a Hollywood party and a comedy video shoot. They also dive into what a massive celebrity Kato was in the mid-90's. Finally they process their own experiences "trying to make it…
It's an Olympic Special! Jessica Interviews Matt about his encounter with softball gold medalist Jennie Finch, as Matt interviews Jessica about her encounter with speedskating gold medalist Apolo Ohno.โดย Jessica Carlson & Matt Houchin
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