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Rob rags on Gov Kathy Hochul and Mayor Adams for letting the city fall into shambles. Rob also complained about tolls and MTA fares going up despite Hochul claiming they wouldn't until 2024.โดย Mark Simone (WOR)
The Times Square casino talk has people asking, do we need more traffic in that area?Rob Astorino, Former Westchester Executive Interview: Rob and Mark talked about the crumbling infrastructure of NYC. And wished former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, happy birthday.โดย Mark Simone (WOR)
Shoplifters have begun using shopping carts to haul away their hot items. Where are Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams?President Biden is in Florida today, far away from the runoff election in Georgia. Warnock did not want him there.โดย Mark Simone (WOR)
Kristie Alley passed away at 71. She starred in several movies and was mainly known for her work on Cheers.Bill O'Reilly Interview: Mark and Bill talked about the White House Holiday Party. And the ongoing lawsuit brought by Dominion.โดย Mark Simone (WOR)
Eric Adams has to ask for help in controlling the NYC crime problems. Talk with Bill Bratton or Rudy Giuliani. They know how to clean up the city.Steve Cuozzo, NY Post Journalist Interview: Steve and Mark talked about the idea of putting a casino in Times Square and the refurbishing of Penn Station.โดย Mark Simone (WOR)
Mayor Adams needs to reinstate the stop-and-frisk program if he ever wants to get the city out of the raging crime rate.Michael Goodwin Interview. Mark and Michael talked about the city falling into decay thanks to the democrats and the woke crowd refusing to crack down on criminals.โดย Mark Simone (WOR)
Mark and Michael talked about NYC being in a crisis. Mayor Adams seems to be over his head in the job. Alvin Braggs refuses to change his light touch when it comes to crime. And where is Govenor Kathy Hochul ?โดย Mark Simone (WOR)
Mark takes the democrats to task for pressuring Twitter to keep quiet about the Hunter Biden laptop. The FBI claimed that Hunter's laptop was a Russian Hoax. The republicans plan on investigating the Bidens as soon as the republicans take over.โดย Mark Simone (WOR)
Herschal Walker debates with himself about which he'd rather be, a Vampire or Werewolf.Steve Solomon Comic Interview: Steve and Mark talked about the comic being raised in an Italian / Jewish familyโดย Mark Simone (WOR)
Alex Jones filed for personal bankruptcy trying to dodge the nearly 1 billion dollar fine.Alan Zwiebel interview: Alan and Mark talked about the WOKE crowds ruining comedy shows and TV shows.โดย Mark Simone (WOR)
Mark and Alan talked about the passing of comic Freddie Roman. Alan wrote jokes for Roman back in the day. Freddie paid Alan $7 per joke. They also talked about the WOKE movement demanding no words that make them feel bad.โดย Mark Simone (WOR)
Trump’s tax returns are now in the hands of the US government.Mark Interviews pollster John McLaughlin: John and Mark talked about republicans needing to become more aggressive when it comes to campaigning. The democrats are much better at knocking on doors and canvassing neighborhoods.โดย Mark Simone (WOR)
Former GMA host Amy Robach has left her husband and is having an affair with her TV co-host. Howie Carr Interview: Howie and Mark talked about the huge layoffs at Twitter and what the country will look like after two more years of Biden.โดย Mark Simone (WOR)
Biden does not want to get involved with the rail strike talks because it will make him look anti-union. Ann Coulter, Best Selling Author Interview: Ann and Mark talked about Biden not getting involved in the Rail Strike negotiations. Biden is afraid he will lose the Union vote if he pressures them to take less than they want.…
A hotel maid became ill after she encountered a white powdery substance when she was cleaning a room. The powder came up negative for anything dangerous. Roger Friedman Interview: Roger and Mark talked about Phantom of the Opera getting extended through December.โดย Mark Simone (WOR)
Howard Stern gives Oprah Winfrey a tongue lashing for bragging about her wealth.Lionel Streaming Host Interview: Lionel and Mark talked about Julian Assange and the First Amendment .They also talked about the Kennedy Assassination.โดย Mark Simone (WOR)
Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo are thinking about running against Trump. I don't think either is very interesting.Bill O'Reilly Interview: Mark and Bill talked about former President Trump appearing with known anti-Semites at his Mar-a-Lago club.โดย Mark Simone (WOR)
Jay Leno did his first comedy gig since being burned.Jake Novak CNBC Contributor: Mark and Jake talked about the possible railroad strike scheduled to begin in December. The USA needs more blue-collar workers.โดย Mark Simone (WOR)
Dr. Fauci, said he will testify and answer all questions he is asked by the Republicans.Michael Goodwin Interview: Michael and Mark talked about how China politicians are locking citizens away who are infected by Covid. The United States is still the shinning beacon of freedom. Joe Biden still is saying stupid things every day . He's been in politi…
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