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Nature Notes explores the natural world of the Llano Estacado and the Chihuahuan Desert. We look at the plants, animals, and ecology of this unique region, as well as places to experience it and people working to conserve it. This free 4 1/2-minute weekly environmental feature is produced by Marfa Public Radio in Marfa, Texas, in conjunction with the Sibley Nature Center in Midland, Texas. Through interviews with scientists and field recordings, Nature Notes reveals the secrets of desert lif ...
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The Rio Grande – like all the world’s great rivers – meets many needs, and means many things. It’s water for drinking and farming – a foundation for societies past and present. It’s a place of beauty, and a resource … Continue reading → Hosted by for KRTS
It’s a life-giving stream in a desert land, that for millennia has sustained human communities and creatures found nowhere else on Earth. The deep canyons it’s carved are among the most remote and spectacular places on the continent. Its great … Continue reading → Hosted by for KRTS
Twelve thousand years ago, the great ice sheets that had long covered most of Canada and the northern U.S. receded. The jet stream – the continent’s storm track – abruptly shifted course. And the Southwest – which had been a … Continue reading → Hosted by for KRTS
With the celebration Friday of Earth Day, there’s occasion for both despair, and hope. In the 52 years since the first Earth Day, we’ve witnessed ecological destruction without parallel in human history. But there are also signs we might be … Continue reading → Hosted by for KRTS
The mountainous landscapes of West Texas testify to diverse aspects of the Earth’s past – to the tectonic upheavals that raised the Rockies, to episodes of powerful volcanism, to a seaway that covered this land in the Age of Dinosaurs. … Continue reading → Hosted by for KRTS
“History” is said to begin with the written word. And that can make us think that, in the absence of a written record, human life was somehow static or unchanging. But the human journey has always been characterized by innovation … Continue reading → Hosted by for KRTS
There’s a “solace in open spaces,” as the title of Gretel Ehrlich’s memoir of life in Wyoming would have it, and Americans appear to have found that especially true in the midst of a pandemic, when outdoor vacations beckon as … Continue reading → Hosted by for KRTS
Catastrophic wildfires have become numbingly familiar in the 21st Century American West. Smoke often obscures the summer sky. Air quality becomes dangerous. Homes are threatened or destroyed. Lives are lost. The causes are likewise familiar – climate change is making … Continue reading → Hosted by for KRTS…
West Texas has a rich history in paleontology. Scientists have made finds here that have illumined the story of life on Earth. Now, an important new find has dropped. In remote Spirit Eye Cave, near Pinto Canyon in Presidio … Continue reading → Hosted by for KRTS
Finding a “potsherd” – a fragment of prehistoric pottery – is arresting, a potent reminder of the Native American past. It’s always best to leave such objects in place – both so others can have the experience, and because, for … Continue reading → Hosted by for KRTS
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