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Our second monthly Future of Longevity panel discussion featuring: George Church (Harvard Medical School) Nir Barzilai (Albert Einstein College of Medicine) Kristen Fortney (BioAge Labs) Jim Mellon (Juvenescence) Jay Olshansky (University of Illinois at Chicago) Alejandro Ocampo (University of Lausanne)…
Anil Bhushan is a professor at the University of California San Francisco and also a co-founder of Deciduous Therapeutics, a longevity biotech company developing an immunotherapy to remove senescent cells.โดย The Longevity Biotech Show
A panel talk with scientists and thought leaders in age reversal and longevity science. Featuring: Aubrey de Grey (Founder of SENS Research Foundation, author of "Ending Aging") David Sinclair (Harvard Medical School, Life Biosciences, author of "Lifespan: Why We Age -- and Why We Don't Have to") Joao Pedro de Magalhaes (University of Liverpool, CS…
Sebastian Brunemeier is a geroscientist, biotech founder, and venture capitalist. He was formerly Principal at Apollo Health Ventures, one of the largest aging-focussed VC firms in the world. Sebastian was co-founder of Samsara Therapeutics, Cyclone Therapeutics, Cambrian Biopharma, and advisor to several other biotech startups and Healthspan Capit…
Marinna Madrid is a co-founder of Cellino, a startup that leverages AI, robotics, and laser-editing to develop and manufacture stem cell therapies at scale. She obtained her Ph.D in Physics from Harvard and was named a Forbes Top 30 under 30 in healthcare.โดย The Longevity Biotech Show
Tyler Golato is one of the masterminds behind VitaDAO, a decentralized organization that aims to fund and commercialize longevity research -- all on the Ethereum blockchain.โดย The Longevity Biotech Show
Marco Quarta is a co-founder and CEO of Rubedo Life Science, a company developing targeted therapies to extend healthspan. Rubedo has built a drug discovery platform with an initial focus on prodrugs that remove senescent cells in a highly selective manner.โดย The Longevity Biotech Show
Matthew Scholz is the co-founder of Oisin Biotechnologies, a gene therapy platform company that is targeting aging by killing senescent cells. We discuss the technology behind Oisin, Matt's journey from computer science to biotech, and practical advice and wisdom he gained from building biotech startups.…
Kristen Fortney is the CEO and co-founder of BioAge Labs, an a16z-backed startup that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to discover anti-aging drugs.โดย The Longevity Biotech Show
Jean Hebert is a professor of neurogenetics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the author of the book "Replacing Aging". We discuss his ambitious program to reverse aging in the brain by progressive replacement of neural tissue.โดย The Longevity Biotech Show
Keshav Singh (University of Alabama) and Greg Schmergel (Nantero) are the co-founders of Yuva Biosciences, an early-stage biotech company developing drugs and natural compounds to reverse aging by targeting mitochondria.โดย The Longevity Biotech Show
Marc Bernegger and Tobias Reichmuth are co-founders of Maximon, a longevity venture building company based in Switzerland. Collin Ewald is a professor at ETH Zurich, a world expert on extracellular matrix, and a scientific advisor at Maximon.โดย The Longevity Biotech Show
Daniel Ives is the founder and CEO of Shift Bioscience, an early-stage longevity biotechnology company developing anti-aging drugs based on mitochondrial pathways and a single-cell epigenetics discovery platform.โดย The Longevity Biotech Show
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