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Welcome to Soul Sister Conversations where host Dana Lloyd has conversations that inspire and empower you to connect more deeply to yourself. Each Sunday morning a new episode is released covering topics of personal development, leadership and spirituality. Connect with Dana Lloyd at www.DanaLloydLeadership.com Episode 1-56 is with co-host Elaine Shannon. Episode #57 onward Dana solo hosts the conversations. Thanks for listening!
A podcast that discusses a classic hit song for musicians and non-musicians alike! Basically. . . We're like NPR's Fresh Air focusing exclusively on music. Every week we take apart a hit song and talk about why and what about the song appeals to everyone. For Promotional consideration, Business Development or other ventures, please contact Lloyd Moss @ 310-919-9127 USA. rockpiano@me.com
Comic Book and Pop-Culture expert, Coy Jandreau (Collider Heroes, Comic Book Shopping) is joined by Actor/Filmmaker Jake Lloyd Bacon and the two dive into all of the weekly pop culture news from top comic book publishers, film studios, streaming services, television networks as well as take listener hotline questions that spark deep fandom conversations, games, fun hypotheticals and so much more! Plus Coy gives weekly comic pull lists and streaming recs to help you navigate the ocean of genr ...


Known for finding and showcasing talented, yet to be discovered artists and creators, Michael Harren’s podcast, MikeyPod, takes the listener on inspiring journeys of true—and often remarkable—stories of the courage, passion, and struggles many have faced while bringing their visions to life. In production since 2005, MikeyPod invites you to pour a warm drink, grab a notebook (in case inspiration strikes!), curl up with your favorite blanket or four- legged family member, and prepare to be mo ...
Sound Behavior podcast is all about the stories of how celebrities are born and the journeys of everyday people. Listen to the fascinating versions of how famous people were created and navigated through distinction easily tempted and absorbed in a culture distracted by fame. While others, the rest of us, realizing our passions and living life all with a similar story of determination, passion and encouragement. On Sound Behavior every listener can become a guest and every guest is considere ...
Beautifully eloquent, unquestionably enjoyable and easily listened to, The Tim and Hayden Show is a bastion of modern comedic talent. Shows take the form of a healthy cocktail of topical, cultural and anecdotal items that grant us, the listener, a unique insight into the laugh out loud thoughts of Tim, the intellectual incisiveness and cutting humour of Hayden and the chemistry that binds them and makes the podcast a uniquely successful creation. 5 stars is deserved. - The Guardian (lol joke ...
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Carriers may be following the letter of the law, but not necessarily the spirit of it, and are not always behaving like good corporate citizens, according to our guest this week. Daniel Maffei is the chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission – the Washington agency responsible for regulating the US ocean shipping trades so when he tells liner bos…
Cam Luke, Stephen Silvagni and Matt Rendell discuss some of the biggest issues for the upcoming trade period, and Rendell gives his list analysis for North Melbourne and Collingwood.โดย Sports Entertainment Network
Sam Edmund and Adam Cooney discuss the latest trade movement at clubland including Tim O'Brien's potential move to Port Adelaide, and Cooney also reveals his first mega trade of 2021.โดย Sports Entertainment Network
Sam Edmund and Adam Cooney discuss whether Collingwood's Darcy Moore or Jordan De Goey are worth two first round picks each & other potential moves for veterans.โดย Sports Entertainment Network
Nick Dal Santo & Brendon Goddard discuss all the big trade news, speak to Melbourne legend Todd Viney on the Dees' Premiership success, Hamish Hartlett following his exit from Port Adelaide, and reflect back on Melbourne's 2020 Trade Period.โดย Sports Entertainment Network
Nick Dal Santo & Brendon Goddard are joined by SEN's Sam Edmund with with an update on potential moves regarding Peter Ladhams, Sam Petrevski-Seton & Adam Cerra - for Beaumont Tiles.โดย Sports Entertainment Network
Nick Dal Santo and Brendon Goddard reflect back on Melbourne's 2020 Trade Period, which included the arrival of Luke Jackson, and how it went a long way towards their premiership success - for Paslode Tools & Accessories.โดย Sports Entertainment Network
Hamish Hartlett joins Nick Dal Santo and Brendon Goddard to reflect on his departure from Port Adelaide, where he has finished up after 193 games across 13 seasons. Hamish discusses the exit process, Ken Hinkley's honesty, and his desire to extend his career elsewhere.โดย Sports Entertainment Network
Nick Dal Santo & Brendon Goddard consider the future of Mason Cox, who is keen to stay at Collingwood but has found himself behind Grundy, Cameron & Mihocek in the ruck and forward. Does he have any value on the market?โดย Sports Entertainment Network
Melbourne Legend Todd Viney joins Nick Dal Santo and Brendon Goddard in the wake of the club breaking its 57-year Premiership drought, with his son Jack central to both the win over the Dogs on Saturday, and progression of the club over the past decade in general.โดย Sports Entertainment Network
Kane Cornes and Mitch Cleary kick off the Trade Period with the first edition of The Early Trade. Adam Cerra to Carlton, Tom Lynch to North Melbourne, the Bulldogs looming salary cap squeeze and plenty more is on the agenda.โดย Sports Entertainment Network
Kane Cornes and Mitch Cleary analyse the state of the Bulldogs list, with a salary cap squeeze looming at the end of 2022. Pat Lipinski looks set to depart, could it be wise for Tim English to join him with a bevvy of other versatile talls at the club?โดย Sports Entertainment Network
Tom Lynch looks destined to head to Arden Street after not being offered a new deal at Adelaide, but in what capacity? Kane Cornes and Mitch Cleary debate the merits of the player-coach: valuable on-field experience, or robbing kids of development?โดย Sports Entertainment Network
Kane Cornes and Mitch Cleary assess what it will take for Callum Coleman-Jones and Jordan Dawson to join their preferred clubs, and could a Tom Mitchell move away from Hawthorn be mutually beneficial?โดย Sports Entertainment Network
Welcoming the Unwelcome is the topic (and the book title) that I discuss today with my friend Lynn Gow, who provides spiritual guidance and empowers others. We both love Pema Chodren, author of the book Welcoming the Unwelcome, so we got together to discuss it. We explore some of the spiritual teachings in the book that impacted us. Out of this dis…
Coy Talks Y: The Last Man on FX while Jake waits to see it for a very honorable reason. They also talk SPOILER FREE about Shang-Chi and it's Box Office Might! As well as the well deserved Ted Lasso Emmy Glory, Some The Batman Hype, New York Comic Con, Hit-Monkey and Hawkeye Trailers and more! Join the conversation on the Coycast discord https://dis…
Stephen Silvagni, Matthew Lloyd and Mitch Cleary discuss departing Fremantle midfielder Adam Cerra's situation at the Continental Tyres AFL Trade Radio launch.โดย Sports Entertainment Network
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