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Live harmonic drum and bass mix recordings now using Traktor Pro 3 and Kontrol S2, exclusively available as a 5 star podcast on iTunes. These are not 'run of the mill', 'crash, bang, wallop' drum and bass mixes, they are hand-crafted to contain complimentary musical keys and hence sound more like compositions in and of themselves..
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In this audio Message, the Holy Spirit began to open us to the depths of the anointing. There are several streams of the anointing, we (the Believers in Christ) are called to function in the anointing for maximum Profit for the Kingdom of God.
In this message, a charge is given; Let us Press on to know the Lord. The Knowledge of the Lord is superior to any achievement of ours here on earth. The experiential knowledge of the Lord is the Key to fulfilling our God ordained destiny...
I sift through *a lot* of music to find tracks worthy of bringing to you on this podcast so when I discover artists of quality I had previously overlooked I kick myself but then get a real buzz... Visit rocdollar.comโดย Rocdollar
You know what? I am thoroughly delighted to share a recently recorded harmonic mix by me, with you. It features a range of expertly crafted, recently released drum and bass from across its many and... Visit rocdollar.comโดย Rocdollar
Live Recorded at Sommernachtsladen at Sandburg, Linz on 2021-07-16Christian WeinmayrOliver DavidFriedrich Mückedeep housetech housesandburgsommernachtsladenlinzโดย Christian Weinmayr
Thanks to Four Corners Music for providing inspiration and quite a few tracks off their surprisingly good new release The Beach, which are featured in this mix.Thing - Bamboo DubPhibes - Real... Visit rocdollar.comโดย Rocdollar
Getting all excited about the prospect of going to a nightclub now COVID restrictions are easing (but not the reality - to be fair), I pulled this harmonic journey through various drum and bass... Visit rocdollar.comโดย Rocdollar
Welcome to 2021! We made it out of 2020 alive, woohoo! Keep your mind, body and yes spirit fit with this mix starting in A minor - a key evoking "pious womanliness and tenderness of character"...I... Visit rocdollar.comโดย Rocdollar
Hey all, I realise these mixes are rarer than hen's teeth these days but I'm reluctant to publish stuff I'm not completely happy with. Thing is, I'd never put anything out these ddays if I let that... Visit rocdollar.comโดย Rocdollar
Hey Soundboarders. I just don't get the time to practice and prepare for my recordings these days but do still rustle up the occasional mix when I can grab a minute.Atlantic Connection, Roxanne -... Visit rocdollar.comโดย Rocdollar
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