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'Speaking out with Tundu Lissu' is hosted by Tundu Antiphas MughwaiLissu, a Tanzanian lawyer and Vice Chairman of opposition Party in Tanzania. Produced by multumedia Journalist Nadj Khamis. This podcast hosts famous figures from within and outside Tanzania to discuss their profiles and their experiences in Tanzanian politics, economy, culture, society
Lisson... ON AIR, is a series of podcasts that will mostly be recorded from the gallery's London location. Episodes will include readings, music and engagement with the gallery's extensive archive, as well as contributions from Lisson Gallery artists.
STEREOSOUL is an electronic dance music duo based out of Philadelphia, PA, which is comprised of DJs S.A.M. (PhillyEDM) and LISSEN (PhillyEDM). What began as an experiment has turned into a union of sound and style. SAM's deep house background mixed with LISSEN's extensive RAVE background has opened the doors to a vast selection of musical tastes and genres. Fishing from the hottest and most cutting edge tracks of today, STEREOSOUL also plays the greatest classic tracks and pays homage to th ...
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On today's episode we time travel back to May when I sat down with my friend Sky Kinsman. Sky is a Somatica trained Sex and Relationship coach based out of Oakland California with a background in Plant based eating and Vegan Nutrition Coaching. Sky helps people across the sexuality and gender spectrum, and from all backgrounds, discover their core …
Special Guests: Author/Publisher/Recording Artist Omar Tyree and Children's Author Zanaiah Williams Like, Follow, and Subscribe to Everything Let's Chat........Any Podcast App EBONY.TV: YouTube: Blog Talk Radio: Facebook:…
Lindsay from Scranton won the Audacy national contest sending her to the MTV VMA's in NYC! She gave Rocky & Lissa the low down from her backstage vantage point of the show. See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
Tune In Tomorrow To The Chatroom... We Will Be Talking That Talk With Ugly Money Recording Artist Money Romel and Author Tony Lindsay Call In: (347) 205-9387 Like, Follow, and Subscribe to Everything Let's Chat........Any Podcast App YouTube: Facebook: IHeart Radio:htt…
Erasers. Chalkboards. Pull down maps. Mimeograph paper. A paddle. Floppy discs. Oregon Trail. Tell us something we'd find in your classroom growing up that kids today will never know. See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
Rock has a friend, who for extra cash, picks up bodies and delivers them to funeral homes. What is the job you have that most people probably never heard of? See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
Despite Covid travel restrictions, a bridesmaid from London was still able to appear at her friend's wedding in a hologram! Would this freak you out??? See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
It's true! There's a renegade concert pooper on the loose in California. So many questions. How does one pull off this hideous the pit of all places! See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
Rocky & Lissa heard from a wedding photographer that booked a friend's wedding pre-covid, and never gave them a price. The wedding was postponed til November. Is it too late to name a price and ask to be paid? See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
A woman in the UK took off 2 weeks from work for the death of her dog. Are you cool with compassion leave for pets? And how much is too much? See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
Callers to Talkback 16 on WNEP were all worked up this week about the way people are pronouncing Tropical Storm Henri. Anyone surprised by this??? See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
Liss admitted last week that she baked a "test run" cake for her church. This coming after last month doing a "test run" to the Allentown airport. Anyone else do this? See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
Most of us watched a movie as a kid that we were definitely too young to see or understand. And it was probably thanks to a parent or big brother or sister. What was your movie? See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
On todays episode we have Rachel Levesque she/they. Rachel is a quite a force with her foot in many realms. Burlesque performer, sex positive parent, Sex, Intimacy and Relationship Coach, Yogini sans dogma, Folk Herbalist, Bodyworker/Healer, and Dancer are a few of the things this magical being embodies. Join us as we discuss being in the moment, t…
Rocky revealed on the show this week how his Father-in-Law in Maine pronounces the word "fork." It lead to some hilarious comments around the dinner table when he was visiting last week. See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
Rocky's new house has been overrun with flies the last few days. He's been killing close to 50 flies a day. Any explanation? Is there something dead in the vents? See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
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