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Arian is joined by Sam Trilling to discuss his new theory about hero experience and weird builds (which he is guilty of himself), storm spirit, storm spirit, more storm spirit, Pango Pos 5, the tragic death of Aldrin Pangan, ´xiao8’s crystalline intelligence and all your patch and non-patch related questions! (pay us 9999€ and we will tell you what…
Jim is joined by Arian to give their initial thoughts about the general and item changes of patch 7.30(b)., They then discuss ten heros who have recieved changes and how the patch impacted their playstyle. All patch related NaN questions will be answered in next week’s episode so keep asking away!.โดย WeLikeDota
Jim is joined by Arian to get some of his hottest takes yet of his chest. They dicuss beating smurfs, how to (not) counter bristleback, Abaddon Locket+Aghs, Carry Pudge, the importance of drafts (warning: very hot take) and the best time to que for matches to avoid toxic gamers.โดย WeLikeDota
Jim is joined by Charlene and Matt to discuss the battle level bundle, the highly anticipated upcoming patch and what they think may be changed, Sven the rogue knight and most importantly: middle aged white guy banter.โดย WeLikeDota
Elihu is joined by Arian to scare away most listeners with the intro. Afterwards they discuss the Slacks cast of theme thursdays, the new collectors cache, a new patch???, Vengeful Spirit and a bunch of pokemon-related questions for some reason.โดย WeLikeDota
Jim is joined by the infamous Greg and Pittsburgh Sam to discuss enchantress, the WLD pub showdown of 2021, stats gyrocopter, the multitude of ways to lose games, and answer lots of questions from listeners like you during Noobs Ask Noobs.โดย WeLikeDota
Jim is joined by Elihu and strilling to discuss playing with Purge, losing cavern crawl games, the grudge matches between Black N Yellow and bumble bEE’s, mid Doom, Hero of the Week Dark Willow, the inefficacy of Bane, and our takes on the greatest British Prime Minister.โดย WeLikeDota
Arian hosts Sam, Charlene and Half of a Jim for a stitched-together episode. They cover Arian being a deadweight, TI’s venue move and possible replacements, the battlepass and nemestice event, TI quals, enfeeble, and Arian v. Ape.โดย WeLikeDota
A2K is joined by strilling to discuss the cage match of the century, the ethics of such a spectacle, Shadow Demon, the winners of the WePlay Animajor, ESL Summer as a blip on the radar, and determine who the worst hero of 7.29d. Tell Arian if you think he would win or lose in a fight with an 80cm orangutan:…
Arian is joined by Sam Trilling and Charlene to discuss the best early divine rapier carriers, Anti-Mage, the Bluebell Wood Charity Showmatch against Team Digital, the WePlay Animajor wild card and group stages, and the most creative regions of Dota.โดย WeLikeDota
Arian is joined by Jim to discuss their upcoming charity match, a video that Jim told Arian to watch that Arian barely watched, safelane snapfire, EU pro pubs, their predictions for the animajor, leshrac and their favourite bbq foods.โดย WeLikeDota
Jim is joined by charlene and arian to discuss their weeks in dota, the new team support bundles, no battlepass, all the dpc regions, simply TOOBASED voicelines, the alliance coaching drama, techies vs sniper and ethical stomping.โดย WeLikeDota
Arian is joined by Sam (Trilling), to discuss Arians unintentional griefing in DACH-Inhouses, their victorious battlecup, the WLD/Desoladies inhouses, the singapore major and its impact on the regional power perception, soon-to-be roster shuffles, Enchantress, seduction and ?โดย WeLikeDota
Arian is joined by Sam and Charlene to discuss all the new shiny things, such as the anime, the new player update, the major wildcard stage and covid-fallout as well as the shiny new WLDxDesoladies inhouses. After that they cover dark seer and some NaN questions.โดย WeLikeDota
A2K is joined by charlene to discuss the upcoming dota 2 netflix show, the EU (and NA) DPC, patch 7.28c, mirana, and when giving up (in dota) is sometimes ok. "Newsreel Music: Feather Duster by Shane Ivers -"โดย WeLikeDota
It’s hats before everything, friends, as Jim & Charlene talk cosmetics on the first episode of WeLikeDota Dressing Room: Warmful Ancient. They also talk about their divergent weeks in Dota and take questions from the viewers. Smooth jazz by thebasspapa, available at Pixabay. #ASMR #FromTheWorldOnTheRim #DoteCouture…
A2K Is joined by special guest Ursinity, host of the Fourth Spirit Dota 2 Podcast, do discuss their recent WLDL matches, getting carried, EG’s roster changes, owning everyone, Sumails new stack, Tinker, and Genshin Impact.โดย WeLikeDota
Arian is joined by special guest Bealuct to discuss House Boats, Mega Creep Comebacks, the Arcana Vote Winner, Valve Support Events in NA and SA, Dota Plus Updates, Guilds, WAP, MMR Resets, Lina, and power outage-induced frog mortality,โดย WeLikeDota
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