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Jim is joined by charlene and arian to discuss their weeks in dota, the new team support bundles, no battlepass, all the dpc regions, simply TOOBASED voicelines, the alliance coaching drama, techies vs sniper and ethical stomping.โดย WeLikeDota
Arian is joined by Sam (Trilling), to discuss Arians unintentional griefing in DACH-Inhouses, their victorious battlecup, the WLD/Desoladies inhouses, the singapore major and its impact on the regional power perception, soon-to-be roster shuffles, Enchantress, seduction and ?โดย WeLikeDota
Arian is joined by Sam and Charlene to discuss all the new shiny things, such as the anime, the new player update, the major wildcard stage and covid-fallout as well as the shiny new WLDxDesoladies inhouses. After that they cover dark seer and some NaN questions.โดย WeLikeDota
A2K is joined by charlene to discuss the upcoming dota 2 netflix show, the EU (and NA) DPC, patch 7.28c, mirana, and when giving up (in dota) is sometimes ok. "Newsreel Music: Feather Duster by Shane Ivers -"โดย WeLikeDota
It’s hats before everything, friends, as Jim & Charlene talk cosmetics on the first episode of WeLikeDota Dressing Room: Warmful Ancient. They also talk about their divergent weeks in Dota and take questions from the viewers. Smooth jazz by thebasspapa, available at Pixabay. #ASMR #FromTheWorldOnTheRim #DoteCouture…
A2K Is joined by special guest Ursinity, host of the Fourth Spirit Dota 2 Podcast, do discuss their recent WLDL matches, getting carried, EG’s roster changes, owning everyone, Sumails new stack, Tinker, and Genshin Impact.โดย WeLikeDota
Arian is joined by special guest Bealuct to discuss House Boats, Mega Creep Comebacks, the Arcana Vote Winner, Valve Support Events in NA and SA, Dota Plus Updates, Guilds, WAP, MMR Resets, Lina, and power outage-induced frog mortality,โดย WeLikeDota
Jim is joined by Charlene to discuss Jim’s recent successes in Dota and where all the shiny stuff might be. They are then visited by loremaster Sam and his familiar, who explains Windrangers Story. They then get asked a profound question by a second Sam.โดย WeLikeDota
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