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We give you 5 tips for better drone shots, plus a new player on the drone market to topple DJI?โดย Light Minded
Renowned fashion photographer Stef King talks about how to get started in fashion, plus maybe a sneaky colab with Fletch might be on the cards....โดย Light Minded
Tony Hewitt drops by Lightminded Towers, we talk about the importance of light and how to prepare for a road trip, great chat!โดย Light Minded
Check out Roberts work here, Instagramโดย Light Minded
5 tips to totally utilize your tripod with special guest, Sir Peter Eastway!โดย Light Minded
What software do the pros use?? Christian gives you his 5 top software must have recommendations for Landscape Photographers.โดย Light Minded
Nick Rains joins us and gives you ten top camping hacks for Landscape photographers in Australia. Plus a cool way to get the worlds best camp sites CHEAP. 1 Check out 2 Get to your campsite then explore! 3 Make sure your gear is insured. 4 Forget about comfort. Get a second battery set up if you can, don't buy a cheap a inverter, get a …
10 of our tips to stay creative or to get out of a rut. 1. Give yourself a time limit to complete a project. 2. Get a good mentor. Not a ‘yes’ mentor. 3. No star shots (Joking! - unless you really like them). 4. Write a story about the photograph. 5. Don’t put too much stock in the industry, don’t bend to all the norms. Make your own rules. 6. Don’…
One of the best photographers in the world (who happens to be colourblind) drops into Lightminded Towers for a beer....โดย Light Minded
And we're back! Joined by Sir Peter Eastway plus Carwyns time machine project.....โดย Light Minded
One of the MOST interesting interviews we've ever done! Anne Geddes drops in to Lightminded :)โดย Light Minded
Sir Peter Eastway drops by and answers your questions..... This is a cracker!โดย Light Minded
Christian fixes Carwyns MASSIVE mistake , plus a (CHEAP) hack that will almost guarantee you get lightning shots...โดย Light Minded
Today we learn about the Urban Banal genre in Canada and other stuff with Film guru and former 5D2 shooter, Chris Malloy. Best episode yet!โดย Light Minded
NEW SEGMENT: Artist in residence, and to kick it off this week we're joined by film shooter George Vavakis (proper photographer!) he talks about his exhibition Volta at 'There Is' in Perth and shooting on the streets.โดย Light Minded
Erin Babnik drops by and we talk about NFTs and why they may not be that great PLUS the Bears and Mountain Lions pretty much in her backyard, This is a cracker!โดย Light Minded
Tony Hewitt joins the boys on a road trip to Denmark (WA), we were very tired!โดย Light Minded
Is a ghillie suit too much for twitching? Georgine Steytler swings by and we ask!โดย Light Minded
Jordan Cantelo drops into the DDDB for a catch up, PLUS he shares his go to settings for shooting lightning......โดย Light Minded
I this episode we chat with one of the greats! Russell Shakespeare. was kind enough to drop by the DDDB for a candid chat. Thoroughly enjoyed his company.โดย Light Minded
We've just clicked over 100000 downloads and Andrei Duman is helping us celebrate with his latest moon mission project!โดย Light Minded
Fletch and Carwyn catch and discuss matching colours for an exhibition and how to stay creative.โดย Light Minded
Today we catch up with Tony Hewitt and talk about creative blocks and what to do with them.โดย Light Minded
Incredible WA Photographer Chad Peacock drops by, we find out about his accidental musical influence on a LEGENDARY Australian band, his affinity for the 5d2, and also his Postcodes project. Action packed!โดย Light Minded
The most hardcorest Landscape Photographer in the world (Dave Morrow) drops by the DDDB and shares some of his secrets for You Tube awesomeness, plus a whole bunch of other stuff. Great guy! Check out his stuff at And have a look at his You Tube Channel AND have a look at Christians new chann…
Leica Akademie Boss, Rick Rains pops by and we get to the bottom of how to make your You Tube channel get loads more views....โดย Light Minded
Christian gives his 5 top tips for better Landscape Photography. These are great if you're a newbie or at Tom Putts level of awesomeness, a great reminder! Make sure you join our Instagram, Lightmind_Podcastโดย Light Minded
Allen Koppe ACS drops into the DDDB for a chat, multi disciplined and a great guy!โดย Light Minded
Christian has a new hobby/passion plus the winner of the North Face jacket announced!โดย Light Minded
Truly honoured today to be joined by one of the greats of our craft. He talks, and we listen (kinda) :)โดย Light Minded
Commercial Action and Adventure Photographer Mark Watson drops by, we learn his technique in getting stunning images for MAJOR clients like The North Face and Harley Davidson. Great guy!โดย Light Minded
SENG MAH joins us for a chat, which was fantastic, we talk about some of his favourite destinations to shoot. PLEASE FORGIVE THE AUDIO QUALITY, but listen hard, he talks about some pretty good stuff!โดย Light Minded
Today we're joined by Suellen Saidee Cook, her work is amazing, we delve into her creative mind....โดย Light Minded
Today, we're joined by legendary photographer Chris Dark, and we ask him what is more important, composition or light...โดย Light Minded
Christian is back in the DDDB fresh after a secret photography mission, all revealed....โดย Light Minded
Master Nick Melidonis pops in for a chat with Carwyn and stunt co host Tony Hewitt.โดย Light Minded
Storm tamer Jordan Cantelo drops into the Dunsborough Doomsday Bunker for a chat, he tells us about a very very near miss......โดย Light Minded
A SPECIAL EPISODE, we have a beer and casual chat with a MASTER of our craft, Hans Strand.โดย Light Minded
Tony Hewitt stands in for Christian this week and we piece together 5 elements of an above average Landscape Photo, when you put these together, you'll get a good shot! I found this fascinating at learnt heaps! Carwynโดย Light Minded
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