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What were the people who built the Tower of Bavel trying to accomplish? How can a person believe he can "wage war" against G-d? Why did G-d respond by confusing their language and scattering them? Find out the answers to these questions and much more on the latest podcast!โดย Denver Community Kollel Halpern
In this week's haftorah, Yeshaya Hanavi reminds the Jewish people of their debt of gratitude to Hashem for the exodus. In addition, the Egyptians were punished measure for measure, and Yeshaya tells the Jews that we too will be repayed measure for measure. What is the process of deciding which haftorah to read on a given week? Join Rabbi Zions for …
What attitudes brought the Flood to the world? What was unique about about Noach? What is the significance of the rainbow? Find out the answers to these questions and much more on this podcast!โดย Denver Community Kollel Halpern
The Parshah tells of Yaakov's Final words to his sons. Many generations later, David commands his young son Shlomo to reward and avenge some of David's friends and enemies.โดย Denver Community Kollel Halpern
How did idolatry begin? How did it evolve? Why would anyone worship a statue? Why is there such a drive for idolatry, and why doesn't that drive exist today? Find out the answers to these questions and much more in this podcast!โดย Denver Community Kollel Halpern
Will the rift ever heal? This week's parshah seemingly closes the chapter on the fight between Yosef and his brothers. But is it truly over? Many generations later, Yosef's descendant Yeravam breaks away forming the northern kingdom. The Haftorah tells of a future time when true and eternal unity will be achieved.…
How could Kayin, a prophet, kill his own brother? What was the real issue that led to the tragic murder? And what does all this have to do with shatnez?โดย Denver Community Kollel Halpern
Traveling this Chanukah? Does one light in a hotel, train, airplane? Join Rabbi Melamed as he discusses these and other fascinating questions.โดย Denver Community Kollel Halpern
This week's haftara is one that is rarely read. It contains the fascinating story of the two mothers and the dead and live child. What is the deeper meaning of this story, and why is it chosen for this week's haftara?โดย Denver Community Kollel Halpern
The last of the prophets tells us of a menorah of another time and era. Who was Zerubavel? And what was the meaning of Zachariah's vision?โดย Denver Community Kollel Halpern
The Oral Torah is implanted on the hearts of the Jewish nation. Through peace and the gift of the Hebrew language we can access its treasures.โดย Denver Community Kollel Halpern
It is one of the most famous and impactful sins of human history, yet there is so much that is misunderstood about this cataclysmic error. Why did Adam and Eve eat from the Tree? How could they choose to do wrong if they did not yet have an Evil Inclination? Find out these answers and much more in this podcast.…
What exactly is the candle lighting obligation? Is it an obligation that each home have Shabbos candles? Or is an obligation imposed upon every individual? A better understanding of this question will give clarity on several halachic questions.โดย Denver Community Kollel Halpern
The prophet Ovadiah prophecies about the final showdown between Yaakov and Eisav. Travel through history with Rabbi Zions as he brings this haftara to life. From the First Temple era with King Achav to the twentieth century with General Erwin Rommel of Nazi Germany, the words of Ovadiah inspire and direct.…
Each morning we realize anew that we have the greatest gift in the world — the Torah. The sages instituted this bracha to remind us that Torah is life itself. It’s study contains the answers to all of life’s challenges. This episode will give you a new appreciation for Torah study, and how you can tap into its power each morning with the birchos ha…
The prophecies of Hoshea focus on the Northern Kingdom of the Ten Tribes, which split from the Southern Kingdom of Yehudah. Join Rabbi Zions in discovering the historical background of this week's haftara.โดย Denver Community Kollel Halpern
Eating or sleeping out for Shabbos? Do you have to light Shabbos candles? With a bracha, or without? Join R' Melamed in discovering the background to these questions,, and get the clarity you need.โดย Denver Community Kollel Halpern
You may have heard the basic story of how the moon was shrunk. But did you ever get into the depths of the story to gain a full and proper understanding? Did you ever wonder about the conversation between G-d and the moon? Or why this whole incident is important? And since when can the moon talk, anyway?…
There is tremendous spiritual power in the the human body. Hashem created a miraculous fusion between physical and spiritual, and that is your body. Tap into the power of Asher Yatzar, and transform y our day!โดย Denver Community Kollel Halpern
Join Rabbi Mordechai Fleisher's fascinating new series, Understanding the Sins Discussed in the Torah. From Adam and Eve to the Sin of the Spies, discover a deep understanding and appreciation of how great people made a mistake.โดย Denver Community Kollel Halpern
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