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Cornerstone Church Kingston

Cornerstone Church Kingston

Copyright Cornerstone Church Kingston

We are Cornerstone Church Kingston. A family friendly church in the heart of Kingston. We exist to love God and show his love to others. We’re a group of people who have come to believe the truth about Jesus. Visit our website: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: See us on Instagram:
Trucks, oil, trains, and industry deep dives highlight this show, hosted by John Kingston. John Kingston is a business journalist of almost 40 years, covering everything from metals to financial markets, and now turning his focus to trucking and transport. He spent almost 30 years covering oil markets with S&P Global Platts, and his broadcast background includes many years as Platts’ “talking head” on CNBC, Fox Business, Canada’s BNN and other broadcast outlets. His activities at FreightWave ...
When it comes to politics, Dan Kingston is located at the intersection of fact and reason. Kingston's ideology defying political commentary is fast paced and cuts deep. Defend the U.S. Constitution Protect American citizens End endless wars Take back the debt Are you a program director for radio or SiriusXM? Dan Kingston is a free agent and open to fill in. Email: to learn more.
The Kingston Memorial Walk was created by to honour the lived history of Kingstonians who served in, and were affected by, WWI. This walking tour will focus on family homes, individual stories and other relevant points around downtown Kingston. PeaceQuest is a non-profit, non-denominational, and non-partisan organization based in Kingston, Ontario that supports and facilitates peace-building initiatives across Canada.
Dj Kingstone

Dj Kingstone

Dj Kingstone

Dj Kingstone Paris : BIO English : French of Portuguese origin and true Parisian Dj Kingstone Paris has always been in search of new musical sounds, the vocal instrument and the marvels still gives him chills and he has chosen his world through vocalization . Sensitive to all cultural musical styles, house music became a passion inspiring creativity to share this love for music, he did start since 2010 to post on different media " social networks " of mixes , deep and progressive house . Fro ...
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Numbers 14-24 -- Caleb, who followed the Lord fully.-Caleb was a man of faith, - therefore a man of courage. -He was a man who pleased God, won a great victory, - inherited a great promise.โดย Rev. Ralph Hall
In the next in our series in Paul's letter to Timothy, Tom preaches from 1 Timothy 1:12 - 2:7. In these verses we see the importance of prayer and what our concern for the lost shows us about the church.โดย Copyright Cornerstone Church Kingston
Thomas Scroggins is an employment attorney who has been closely watching the Department of Labor's efforts to craft a new independent contractor rule. With the comments period now closed, Scroggins joins host John Kingston to talk about the next steps forward. Follow the Drilling Deep Podcast Other FreightWaves Shows…
Pete continues our series in John’s gospel, preaching to us from John 18:15-27. In this passage we see Jesus’ trial before the High Priest alongside Peter’s denial of Jesus - and what this means for us today.โดย Copyright Cornerstone Church Kingston
So much going in on each others life we have to call on His name ! Yes He will do it ! Answered prayers are needed ! Pray for one another in these times that we are enduring ! Amenโดย Jarvis Kingston
Jamal Saeed is an author who lives in Kingston, Ontario. He first arrived as a refugee from the Middle East back in 2016. Jamal grew up in Syria; as a young man, he spent 30 months on the run avoiding the secret police for expressing his views on the need for basic human rights in his country. Eventually, he was forced to spend a total of 12 years …
Hebrews 11 -- A legacy of Faith-As we trace the story of faith through the Old Testament, we stop to ask the question as to where the next heroes of the faith will come from, and whether or not we are leaving a legacy of faith to those who come after us.โดย Rev. Ralph Hall
Pete continues our series in 1 Timothy. In 1 Timothy 1:1-120, Paul shows us that the church can be shipwrecked when it takes its focus off Jesus and the gospel. How is the church to avoid shipwrecking its faith?โดย Copyright Cornerstone Church Kingston
Ben continues our series in John’s gospel, preaching from John 18:1-14. In this passage we see Jesus’ arrest by the Jewish Officials - and what it means for us today.โดย Copyright Cornerstone Church Kingston
Mike and Tyler discuss the Golden Globes, run through the winners and how this could impact the Oscars. Tyler reviews Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio and Mike reviews She Said.โดย Podcast Network
What are the parameters within which the church should act? What should the focus of Cornerstone Church be? We begin a new series in the Paul's first letter to his friend Timothy and Pete preaches from 1 Timothy 1:1-7. In this introductory passage, we see the goal of apostolic teaching in the life of the church.…
Tom continues our series in John’s gospel, preaching from John 17:1-26. In this passage we see Jesus’ amazing prayer for his disciples & followers - and what it means for those who trust in & follow Jesus today. Please be aware there is no reading on the recording as the reading in the evening service was done on tables rather than from the front. …
P. Sean Garney is co-director of Scopelitis Consulting and he gives his outlook on some of the key regulatory trends that will drive trucking and transportation in 2023. Follow Drilling Deep on Apple Podcasts Follow Drilling Deep on Spotify More FreightWaves Podcastsโดย FreightWaves
This episode of the Podcast profiles a musician, who leads a group of dedicated players – all playing hand bells. Janet McDonald is the director of the “Limestone Ringers”, a hand bell choir based at Edith Rankin Memorial United Church, located at the west-end of Kingston. Hand bells trace their evolution back to the big bells in the spires, pulled…
Another church note from Jen Deleon! Yes stay blessed and strong ! Remember The Lord will change your life ! Only Him ! Believe it ! Stand firmโดย Jarvis Kingston
Mark 1-16-20 -- Fishers of men-The public ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ is just commencing. -One of His first acts is to choose some men to assist Him in His work. -He was calling ordinary men to do the extraordinary work of God.โดย Rev. Ralph Hall
Pete Matthew from King's Church in Walton is our guest speaker on Co-mission Sunday. Pete preaches from Revelation 22:1-5. In these verses we see God's glorious plan for us. How should we live in light of these truths?โดย Copyright Cornerstone Church Kingston
Rory continues our series in John’s gospel, preaching to us from John 16:12-33. In this passage we see Jesus comforting his disciples about his coming departure - and what it means for those who follow him today.โดย Copyright Cornerstone Church Kingston
Paul Adams is the CEO of Michigan-based RoadEx, a relatively new firm that provides a large suite of services to independent owner operators. It gives him a perspective on the current state of their market. He is the guest this week on Drilling Deep. Follow Drilling Deep on Apple Podcasts Follow Drilling Deep on Spotify More FreightWaves Podcasts…
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