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A marriage therapist reveals the number one complaint most couples have, the age in which we feel like an adult, Keith Urban joins the show, people just want to clone themselves so we'll have a housekeeper, Producer Amanda admits to doing something weird in the kitchen, and the newest wedding dress trend! See for privacy inf…
She recently found a hidden safe that she knows her husband had installed and now plans to set up a hidden camera to see what he's putting inside of it. See for privacy information.โดย Kincaid & Dallas
Things that are considered traditionally masculine, scented toilet paper exists, hoarding items we love that have been discontinued, spam calls have increased a lot, the weird cooking rules that lead to a convo about mold, and edible tape to use on your burritos! See for privacy information.…
Her one job was to be the only family at the graduation, and she missed it! She told the family the Wi-Fi wasn't working and that's why she couldn't facetime them. See for privacy information.โดย Kincaid & Dallas
What's considered walking distance, bad pizza does exist, I'm not getting back on the horse, Kincaid's wife thought he was watching something inappropriate but it was just HGTV, and things that apparently only boomers do. See for privacy information.โดย Kincaid & Dallas
Superstitions, we know what a black hole sounds like, Kincaid's instagram embarrassment, the woman who had a grease fire while live on social media, the show wants to know, and the bride who stopped her own wedding! See for privacy information.โดย Kincaid & Dallas
Names from the 20s are making a comeback, how to tell if someone likes you, would you choose your animals over your spouse, the man who proposed to someone at her father's funeral, do you share your significant other's toothbrush, and Dallas has a new product that she loves! See for privacy information.…
His father-in-law's ashes have been in a drawer for 6 years and he was tired of his wife saying she was going to spread them somewhere so he finally took the ashes and just spread them throughout the neighborhood. See for privacy information.โดย Kincaid & Dallas
The end of iPods, Garrett is feeling a little better, things that don't belong in the fridge, bad photoshop on wedding photos, 30% of travelers have dated someone they met on a plane, and the Jon and Kate Plus 8 kids turned 18 this week! See for privacy information.โดย Kincaid & Dallas
The most searched for house plant, Kincaid really likes Old Bay, Dallas and Amanda judge your baby's name, unwritten man rules, and the cremation company that has a new way of spreading your loved ones ashes. See for privacy information.โดย Kincaid & Dallas
She borrowed her husband's work van without him knowing and accidentally dinged the side of it while driving. He saw it the next day while out working and thinks he somehow did it and just didn't notice right away. See for privacy information.โดย Kincaid & Dallas
A guy punctured his lung eating dry cereal, Dallas and Scott are cute at home together, what did you grab off the road and take home with you, the behind the scenes secrets at movie theaters, did you make it work after calling it off a couple times, and the Kentucky Derby was wild this weekend! See for privacy information.…
He found a mattress on the side of the road, realized it was almost brand new, and took it home. He put it in the guest bedroom and his mother-in-law thinks he bought a brand-new bed just for her! See for privacy information.โดย Kincaid & Dallas
Leaving the divider out when buying groceries, the guy whose mom taught him to be a good person, what would you buy if you were a billionaire, the woman who realizes she's older than she actually is, and the show wants to know! See for privacy information.โดย Kincaid & Dallas
Dallas and Garrett are out today, Kincaid shares a clip of his son who made a fake commercial, the neighbor who just wanted to be invited to a party, the people on social media who you know are fake, the alligator who just wanted some Diet Coke, and men don't wash their hands as much as women. See for privacy information.…
A new study shows men wash their hands less than women during the day and after we got a message from a listener about how her husband hardly ever washes his hands... it must be true! See for privacy information.โดย Kincaid & Dallas
Their mom really wants grandkids so her and her sister basically made a pregnancy pact and now they're both pregnant at the same time with twins!!! They plan to tell her on Mother's Day! See for privacy information.โดย Kincaid & Dallas
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