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It's another episode of the show that gives you a day-long smile. Nashville shows up huge for their own; a personal trainer is changing lives and human Mario Cart! Like and Subscribe to feel better about life.โดย Kevin and Mike
A road show for Mike from the "Big Easy," the boys talk about the true blessing of a parent, Clayton Kershaw, and a baby shark that has nothing to do with the stupid song. It's a news show that makes you feel great about the world. Like and subscribe if you couldโดย Kevin and Mike
It's the final solo show for Mike, and he has another meltdown over cats. It's still a great display of love and kindness, and you should enjoy it. Do us a favor and like/subscribe/tell a friend. Kevin and Mikeโดย Kevin and Mike
The show starts with Mike explaining, in great detail, why dogs are superior to cats. This is a particularly useful conversation, as Kevin is on vacation and isn't there to add to the cat insulting.โดย Kevin and Mike
This is an excellent episode with a lot of unbelievable content. Breastfeeding, boss-level, underwear woman, hero rats with backpacks, and courtroom flatulence. Now that's entertainment.โดย Kevin and Mike
We have found that stories of cute puppies, military returns, and babies seem to tickle everyone's heart. This episode gives you a nice dose of all the gifts mentioned above. Like and Subscribe. Make your soul healthier with "Great News."โดย Kevin and Mike
Well, Mike got a cat. In fact, now he has two. Those familiar with "Great News" know that both Kevin and Mike have ragged on felines quite aggressively. There are also amazing feats of human achievement and a celebration of Moms.โดย Kevin and Mike
One of the most beautiful moments of romance we've ever seen and a ballin' squirrel. You heard me right. Plus there are many other uplifting stories to brighten your day! Help us out and like, subscribe and comment.โดย Kevin and Mike
Dude...A seriously amazing scientific breakthrough that helps a boy with Cerebral Palsy, saving a 120-thousand-pound animal, vomit that's funny, and a marketing agency with a heart. This is one action-packed episode of, "Great News."โดย Kevin and Mike
We have the cutest makeover ever and a fantastic story of environmental genius. This is another happy and uplifting edition of "Great News." Like, subscribe, and comment to help us out!โดย Kevin and Mike
An incredible young woman attacks an industry with love, a doggie keeps dry and siblings show life-saving love for each other. It's a beautiful showing of compassion and love here on "Great News."โดย Kevin and Mike
Mike's wife starts off the episode with a major distraction, but then we get to some loving. There is real life, tangible heaven for abandoned animals, and people running for the sake of love. Subscribe, like, and comment to help us out, my friends.โดย Kevin and Mike
Cute kids with an unbelievably patient teenage skateboarder, numerous amazing K9 rescues, and a chipotle surprise (It doesn't involve the bathroom). There is a ton of heartwarming stories to feast on in this episode of "Great News."โดย Kevin and Mike
I'm going to say that on today's "Great News" you will see one of if not the bravest cop ever! Also, an incredible act of charity and love from the NBA, and scientists built a robot nose that smells Parkinson's. Incredible stuff my friends. Please subscribe, like, and tell a friend because we want to spread the love. And get paid.…
Some real tear-jerkers in today's new "Great News." Kevin makes Mike cry almost immediately and they both find their way back to belly laughs. Another great collection of stories to cheer you up. Like and Subscribe my friends.โดย Kevin and Mike
Now we are not talking MILF stuff, you sicko. We are talking about uplifting and beautiful stories about mothers and their children. Plus, a great call back to "Dumb and Dumber" and an outstanding young entrepreneur.โดย Kevin and Mike
This is some heartwarming entertainment, folks. Private investors help dozens of entire families go to college, a bear is saved by a community, and a fish has some incredibly discerning taste. It's "Great News" with Kevin and Mike.โดย Kevin and Mike
You have to hear this synthesized Mummy voice. It made Kevin and I laugh so freaking hard that I almost can't watch it. Plus, when you get covid and can't smell, the super toddler has to come to the rescue.โดย Kevin and Mike
Children tell us all about love, Rudy stops by with a romantic message, a whimsical tale from Broadway and Kevin has remarkably large ears. It's "Great News" and its only uplifting and positive stories.โดย Kevin and Mike
I am telling you that there is a child snowboarder that will bring the biggest smile to your face, regardless of how upset you may be. There is also another kid that Johnny Knoxville needs to contact immediately. Finally, there is a child who wants to get the family together to chat with Dad in heaven. Come on get happy with "Great News" episode 81…
Amazing stories of love and triumph from the worlds of tik tok, bodybuilding, distance running and more. "Great News" with Kevin and Mike is the only news show giving you exclusively positive and uplifting stories. Come on get happy. Subscribe and like if you please.โดย Kevin and Mike
Two 12-year-old boys are heroic, some serious tae kwon do, hysterical and heartwarming Italians, a Tik Tok star is actually quite thoughtful, and some kick-ass senior citizen action. It's "Great News" with Kevin and Mike.โดย Kevin and Mike
A hearing-impaired football team inspires many. Seriously, the most heroic tinder profile and crossing guard you've ever seen. Plus, you get some Scott Stapp news. What else could you ask for?โดย Kevin and Mike
After domestic abuse destroyed a woman's life, she put the pieces back together and became better than ever. Tom Brady helps save a child with brain cancer, and Matt McConaughey is "Alright."โดย Kevin and Mike
Betty White is fantastic in life and death, a Brazilian fisherman shows insane courage, and a teen girl exhibits maximum levels of philanthropy. It's nothing but uplifting, positive stories, and they kick major ass. "Great News" with Kevin Ryder and Mike Catherwood.โดย Kevin and Mike
It's a news show that exposes how good people are. A man meets his father for the first time in his 30's, a woman doesn't have to celebrate her birthday alone, and a high school football team breaks out shovels to genuinely help the community. It's "Great News!"โดย Kevin and Mike
Some teenagers actually want you to drive by a puddle and splash them. There is a dog who shows incredible love for his deceased doggie buddy. Last but not least, there is a beautiful expression of sibling love. This is Great News, people.โดย Kevin and Mike
A bus stop of wonder, a unique story of heroism, and high school Kevin was a massive dick. Some great stories on today's Great News, including a story based around a phone scam, that you absolutely won't believe. People are good, and so are you. Keep things upbeat and download, subscribe and like.โดย Kevin and Mike
Kevin starts the show with an incredibly touching tribute to his friend Bob Sagat. The guys think they have the most incredible basketball shot ever. It's literally on fire. Also, a school mascot promises a surprise for a grade school class, and wow, it delivers! Subscribe and Like Por Favorโดย Kevin and Mike
Marc Anthony and Warrick Dunn are excellent. Seriously they're fantastic. An older fellow gets a tear-jerking furry gift. Also, a delivery driver does some remarkable soul strengthening. Nothing but uplifting and happy stories on "Great News!' P.S. Mike finally makes Kevin cry with a crazy sad/beautiful story.…
Sixty Niiiiiiine!!!!! Sorry, had to do it. So today, you get two hockey stories, and they're both insanely uplifting. There is a handbuilt racetrack in a neighborhood full of love and an inmate who makes a monumental life change. Lots of good vibes. Send some our way by subscribing and liking. Tell a friend if you can.…
How about an exceptional teenage engineer, using his brains to help his disabled sibling? Pretty awesome right? Also, we got a dude who lives out his 5-decade educational dream. Oh, and by the way, Mike has a Great News story from his own life. Download and subscribe you maniacs.โดย Kevin and Mike
Early in "Great News," we had Bob Saget as a guest. We both loved him. We thought it would be good to replay this episode with a bit of added Bob stuff. Rest in Peace, Bob. You deserve nothing but happiness in the world beyond.โดย Kevin and Mike
Early in "Great News," we had Bob Saget as a guest. We both loved him. We thought it would be nice to replay this episode with a bit of added Bob stuff. Rest in Peace, Bob. You deserve nothing but happiness in the world beyond.โดย Kevin and Mike
A revolutionary scientific breakthrough that happened by accident, an astronomical tip for a hairdresser, a snowboarder is a true hero to one young man. The devastating Kentucky tornado brings out the best in humanity and much more. It's "Great News" with Kevin and Mike. The only news show that gives your soul a boner.…
An Uber driver goes well above and beyond her duties. Giselle Bundchen does more than look amazing. A Dunkin Donuts employee get's an overwhelming gift from a devoted customer. These are just a few stories from this new "Great News" episode. Please help us out by subscribing to the pod and the youtube channel. Hit that notification bell and tell a …
Kevin and Mike bring you a legitimate hero to the homeless of skid row, a brave McDonald's drive-through employee, and the most unbelievable side hustle ever. It's another fantastic collection of uplifting and heartwarming stories that will reestablish your faith in humanity. Download, Subscribe, Like and tell a friend.…
A fantastic story of adoption, a grandmother in her 90's gets a chance to live out a lifelong dream; a 1-year-old sees a dog for the first time and many more uplifting stories. Please help us out by downloading, subscribing, liking, and telling a friend.โดย Kevin and Mike
Bro...Professional pillow fighting. The Monrovia ass-eating bear. Firefighters save little duckies. Pittsburgh Steeler Najee Harris gives back in a very meaningful way...and way more. It's "Great News" people!!โดย Kevin and Mike
Check out baby bears being cute in the snow, Adele receiving a heartwarming surprise, a man who earned his PHD at age 79, I met Kevin's soulmate hear in Texas, a veteran receives his High School diploma as a senior citizen and much more Download and Subscribe and hit the notification bell on Youtube. Love you all…
We tell you about a World War 2 veteran who gets some holiday appreciation, an amazingly given NCAA athlete, and a son puts his mom's life at risk to spend more time together. It's actually quite loving, don't worry. There's an adoption story and much more. Give it a listen and you will feel better, that's money back guarantee.…
You won't believe some of these stories. An unbelievable father daughter duo, the toughest bull fighter ever, JJ Watt continues to impress and much more. Subscribe to our channel, provide some likes and hit that bell to notify you of all the new episodes that hit you Monday and Thursdayโดย Kevin and Mike
It's the newest of new episodes my friends. Kevin and Mike tell you about Bob the Builder, an air surfing granny, crazy lottery ticket stuff, a life saving hug from a loving father and much more. We love you, so love us back and subscribe, like, tell a friend and hit that bell for notifications. New episodes every Monday and Thursday.…
Its another rousing rendition of "Great News" with Kevin and Mike. A firefighter really goes the extra mile, the Albanian John Wick, a senior citizen finds holiday cheer and much more. Like and subscribe. Help us help you.โดย Kevin and Mike
Oh yeah baby. It's a new episode of, "Great News" with Kevin and Mike. We show you a hysterical Russian horse, an amazing story of companionship, a military hero returning home and much more. Subscribe and like please.โดย Kevin and Mike
An amazing sibling bond, a beautiful marital commitment, a Christmas time gift that exceeds all, and much more. It's a news show with only positive stories and it's good for your soul. Subscribe and Like. It's "Great News" with Kevin and Mike @thekevinryder @mikecatherwoodโดย Kevin and Mike
Oh yeah!! It's another uplifting episode of, "Great News" with Kevin and Mike. Today we talk about some loving and dancing nurses, a moving marathoner, and a literally uplifting lifeguard. Plus many other heart warming stories to set your mind right. Support us and help the show grow by telling a friend and subscribing to the pod. You can always wa…
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