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Penguin HARISH

Coverage about incidents,memories, movies ,sports, food and culture .................................. ##Please leave your comments at my blog................. My podcast link : https://anchor.fm/telugu-kaburlu/ https://www.instagram.com/harish.trash/
Dear children: Do you like Elephants? Do you believe in Giants? And do you love all the jolly people of the Wonderful Land of Oz? Well then you'll want to hear about the latest happenings in that delightful Kingdom. All are set forth in true Oz fashion in "Kabumpo in Oz," the sixteenth Oz book. Kabumpo is an Elegant Elephant. He is very old and wise, and has a kindly heart, as have all the Oz folks. In the new book you'll meet Prince Pompa, and Peg Amy, a charming Wooden Doll. There are new ...
The strength and fitness industry has for too long been dominated by overly-tan, annoyingly-loud YouTube celebrities with less than factual content, aka broscience. Tune in to Strength Chat - hosted by a group of Coaches and Athletes with over 60 years of combined experience – as they talk fact, science, and strength with world-renowned strength, conditioning, and rehab professionals.
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Kabutey presents the latest and best electronic music including mixes, guest DJs, and live sets. Tracklist 01 Martin Garrix, Julian Jordan, Tinie Tempah - Diamonds (Extended Mix) 02 Tiesto, Lucas & Steve - Oohla Oohla (Extended Mix) 03 Öwnboss, Sevek - Move Your Body [Extended Mix] 04 NuKey - Free Your Mind (Extended Mix) 05 Keanu Silva - Hardcore…
رادیو شب‌های کابل قسمت پانزدهم - زیتون داستان: غسان کنفانی شعرها: حافظ موسوی غیاث المدهون محمود درویش جستارها: حامد صادقی رحمان حسینی موسیقی: تریو جبران سعاد الماسی آمال مثلوثی خوانش: رحمان حسینی حامد صادقی تدوین: مرتضی هزاره
Kabutey presents the latest and best electronic music including mixes, guest DJs, and live sets. Tracklist 01 Alfons x Orange INC - Ghost 02 Dallerium - Omen 03 CID, Volkoder - Honey 04 Charlie Hedges & Eddie Craig - If You Love Me (ft. MBEZ) 05 Benny Benassi & Jeremih - LOVELIFE (Extended Mix) 06 NuKey - Antidote 07 Mike Williams - Get Dirty 08 Ju…
رادیو شب‌های کابل داستان: "آفاق مغربی" نوشته‌ی رحمان حسینی شعر‌ها: الیاس علوی غیاث المدهون حامد صادقی آهنگ‌ها: "سمفونی درد" از شکیب مصدق "اینجا افغانستان است" از اریکین باند گوینده: رحمان حسینی تدوین: مرتضی هزاره
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