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Joseph and Sara obsess over reawakening old skills in our current lives--modern dance, visual art, acting, singing, and more. We talk embracing change, facing fear, hosting adult talent shows in a backyard, and the question: Are skills gifts that must be used?
Sara interviews Joseph about his lifelong obsession with the character of Obi-Wan Kenobi. We talk the soul of the character, his victories and failures, the robes he leaves around the galaxy, drinking habits, and more life lessons from the witty, grumpy, crafty, wise, kind, and true Jedi.
Joseph and Sara obsess over Disneyland! We talk the power of immersion, wanting to wait in lines, adding film noir land, sharing a rocket ship, people watching, whiskey on the Jungle Cruise, and more!
Sara and Joseph obsess over the new Doctor Strange movie! We dive into big ideas of accepting loss, embracing imperfection, defining heroism and happiness. Plus the fun of horror, the weird magic spectacle, meeting our dream selves, and thrilling martini appearances!
Joseph and Sara obsess over Indiana Jones! The serial adventure roots, the charm of an action hero who just copes with action, revisiting the Young Indy TV show, Indy's artifact intents versus his poor preservationist skills, the next movie, and more!
Joseph interviews Sara about her obsession with flowers! From finding the right ones to grow in the shade to celebrating dance performances to discovering which ones are edible! Plus Joseph gets slightly stressed about impermanence. Fun!
Sara and Joseph obsess over a recent trip to go WHALE WATCHING! We talk the thrill of seeing large sea creatures, that time we didn't see the Loch Ness monster, Aquaman, the connection between dolphins and skateboarders, and much more!
Joseph and Sara obsess over WORDLE. What are the joys and the dark side of the fun little word game? We talk first word strategies, wordle poetry and paintings, resenting 6 letter words, and who would win in a fight: vowels or consonants?
Joseph and Sara obsess over NOSTALGIA! From the personal to the societal to pop culture, what's the power of this bittersweet sensation? How much is bitter and how much is sweet? Topics of nostalgia include misty morning walks, playing GoldenEye in a studio apartment, working in an old mansion, Dick Van Dyke tripping, and more!…
Joseph and Sara obsess over Oldie-Time Tech! Typewriters, rotary phones, the thrilling intimacy of mix tapes on cassette! The aesthetic power, presence, and history of tech of yesteryear. Plus: what modern tech should have a big ol' crank on it?
Joseph and Sara obsess over Spider-Man! We talk the importance of a friendly neighborhood superhero, the mathematical formula to make a Spider-Man, what dance can tell us about CGI flips, the great web-shooter debate, and much more!
Joseph and Sara obsess over holiday movies! From It's A Wonderful Life to Batman Returns, we discuss the true spirit of a festive-time film! Plus Hallmark movies, why Joseph can't watch White Christmas without thinking of burritos, the undying Die Hard discourse, the non-holiday movies Santa should appear in, and much more.…
Joseph and Sara obsess over the the fine culinary dish, Macaroni N' Cheese. We talk childhood memories, making it a staple of your adult diet, elbow vs shell, how many extras can you add before it is no longer macaroni n' cheese, and many more important philosophical questions.
Joseph and Sara obsess over the MCU movie, The Eternals! We talk opening up a new vista of superhero storytelling, the big ideas of purpose, free will, family, and evolution. Plus monster punching, cosmic fingers, and shooting lasers out of your eyes!
Joseph is joined remotely by Laser Malena-Webber of The Doubleclicks to obsess over robots! We talk seeing yourself in Data and Threepio, admiring trash robots for their focus, the non-human non-binary trope, trying not to disrespect Alexa, and The Doubleclicks' great new musical, Teaching A Robot To Love!…
Joseph and Sara obsess over the new movie, Dune Part One! We talk the power of exposition, dreamy landscapes, fear boxes, rigidity versus letting go, comparisons to Star Wars, walking to confuse worms, and where exactly we'd wear stillsuits.
Joseph and Sara obsess over Halloween candy. We talk our favorite candy, the chewing to flavor ratio, why candy goes so well with spooky season, giving trick or treaters non-candy treats, and the mystery of CORN NIGHT.
Joseph and Sara obsess over the James Bond film, No Time To Die! We talk the big ideas of legacy, evolution, identity, letting go, and the 5 film story arc of James Bond's eyes! Plus cocktails, quips, explosions, how to best hide your large criminal organization, and more!
Sara and Joseph obsess over the popular baking show, Great British Bake Off! We talk the show's charm, the coziness level of a high stakes competition, piñatas based on the show, the importance of court jesters to baking, what makes us mutter-scream at the screen, and much more!
Joseph and Sara obsess over Superhero TV shows! What defines the genre? What other genres are incorporated? The battle between grim and hopeful storytelling, the ideal number of episodes, when it's responsible to have a cape, the best catchphrases to yell in your car, and more!
Joseph and Sara obsess over their recent trip to Sequoia National Park. The calming and exhausting power of nature! The metaphor of fire scars! Bears working for postmates! And the most important question: do we want to be trees?
Joseph and Sara obsess over the literal and digital piles of books they plan to read. We talk the gamut of emotions caused by the piles, structural stability, how many books a human can possibly read at one time, and more!
Joseph and Sara obsess over episodic storytelling! With a ton of storytelling serialized, do audiences want standalone adventures? What's the value of steadfast characters that don't go through massive change? Are our lives more serialized or episodic? Is a vacation a "filler" episode of life?
Joseph and Sara obsess over Local Exploration! No, that's not the title of a small scope Star Trek show. We talk visiting places in your own city you can overlook. Parks, bookstores, bars, and more! Plus, Joseph has a side-obsession with the Jacaranda tree!
Joseph and Sara obsess over having actual FUN on social media. Enjoying jokes both absurd and satirical, other people's pictures of cocktails, bonding over pop culture, the best animals to follow, and more!
Sara and Joseph obsess over the MCU movie, Black Widow while saying the word "kinetic" many times! We talk big themes of agency, family, redemption, and superhero fame. Plus great moments of action, comedy, and vests!
Joseph and Sara discuss their conflicted obsession with fireworks! From thrilling displays of luminous celebration to loud, ironic sky explosions! We talk our experience seeing fireworks from beaches, amusement parks, the Hollywood Bowl, and random driveways. Plus! What are the best fireworks in movies and TV shows?…
Joseph shares his lifelong obsession with Batman. From the dark to the absurd, we celebrate the obsessive knight. Would we want to go to Disneyland with Batman? What fear would we dress up as to fight crime? What obsession would be our shtick as Batman villains?
Joseph and Sara obsess over the ancient drink, Beer. Our positive associations with summer, patios, theater shows, and community. Plus the best food to pair with beer, the best pop culture character to drink beer with, and more!
Sara and Joseph obsess about staring at the ocean. The peace, the chaos, the invitation to adventure. The joy of dolphins, the leave-me-alone energy of sharks, the possibility of underwater stand-up, and more.
Joseph interviews Sara about her obsession with soundtracks! How they tell the story of movies and TV but then become their own story. The best soundtracks to dance to, drive to, do your taxes to. Plus new songs we'd like John Williams to write.
Joseph and Sara obsess over going to the movies! The magic and tension of the communal experience in the "big dark room." Favorite movie experiences from packed Avengers and Star Wars screenings to seeing Lynch film with two grandmas and more! Plus a tribute to the great Cinerama Dome and Arclight Hollywood.…
Joseph and Sara obsess over post-vaccine life. How to capture the emotional moment of getting the vaccine, the power of a communal experience, mask symbolism, the weirdness of seeing friends' lower faces, and should all the people who have "wizard hair" cut it off?
Joseph and Sara obsess over the MCU show, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. We talk big themes of what the Shield means, legacy, identity, trauma, and the importance of being awkward best friends. Plus the comedy, the heart, the action--from Zemo's dance to the controversial climax to Bucky's skill at costume design. Grab your wings and vibranium …
Joseph and Sara obsess over Time Travel! Why do we love stories about it? Would we get comfort or horror from jumping into the future? If we traveled back in time, could we get anyone to listen to us and/or could we ride a dinosaur? Would we want devices that allowed us to jump 15 seconds in the past? Do we already have them and not know it?…
Joseph and Sara obsess over the monster-punching blockbuster, Godzilla vs Kong! We talk empathy for Kong, Godzilla's inner thoughts, vacationing in the Hollow Earth, and who truly won the battle on a thematic level.
Joseph interviews Sara about her obsession with the Bee Gees! We talk teen dance parties, the importance of strange voices, disco backlash, the great HBO Max documentary, and much more!
Joseph and Sara obsess over Takeout Food! The joy of eating restaurant food at home, the danger of sandwich sliding, the strange social dance of being recognized as a takeout customer, and which takeout food pairs best with which TV show or movie!
We obsess over the great MCU television show, WandaVision! We talk the big themes of grief, the social anxieties animating sitcoms, choosing your own identity, and the importance of Scarlet Witch's cape. Plus wrestling with the expectations game! WARNING: This podcast does NOT introduce the obsessed multiverse…
Joseph and Sara obsess over The Muppet Show! We talk the comedy, the chaos, the heart, and the power of variety shows. The comedy theory of how a bear and a frog doing slapstick wrestles with the human condition! Gene Kelly's bittersweet non-dance! Plus, which Muppet we'd want to live in our home.
Joseph and Sara celebrate their mutual fascination with musicals! From Annie to Cats to Singin' In The Rain to Xanadu, what is the power of musicals? We talk raw emotion, dancing along with movies, unintended comedy, children refusing to applaud for stage musicals, the possibility of a James Bond musical, and much more!…
Doctor Doom! Palpatine! Skeletor! Just about every James Bond villain! Joseph is obsessed with super villains. Their bizarre style, their terrible plans that sometimes point out actual societal problems, their huge vocabularies and ranting monologues, the anger they must feel when they get turned into Funko Pops!…
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