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Comedy stars Joanna Hausmann and Jenny Lorenzo host an English-language podcast about living in the hyphen that connects American and Latin culture. As American Latinas, they have crafted their comedy around what it means to be bicultural. Every week, Joanna and Jenny have hilarious and thought-provoking conversations about the particularities of being hyphenated. New episodes every Thursday.
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Joanna and Jenny chat about “Back to School” time, how the thought of it still gives Jenny anxiety today, why it didn’t have the same affect on Joanna when she went to school in Venezuela, and what ways we still look for similar opportunities for reinvention as adults.โดย Jenny Lorenzo, Joanna Hausmann
Jenny and Joanna discuss the current state of the entertainment industry, how corporate mergers end up cancelling Latino led shows like GORDITA CHRONICLES and movies like BATGIRL, why the age of the streaming services has ultimately closed more doors than it’s opened, and when algorithms control how authentic what you watch can be.…
Joanna welcomes CEO and entrepreneur Andrea Petersen, as they discuss the benefits of being financially literate, how investing your money doesn’t have to be so daunting, and what SCHOOL OF WHALES, the real estate crowdfunding platform Andrea co-founded, is doing to help people achieve financial mindfulness.…
Hyphenated producer Kevin interviews Joanna and Jenny (separately) about why both of them were too busy to host the podcast this week. Turns out they each had a very packed and eventful week working at San Diego Comic-Con, Jenny moderating a panel for an upcoming Disney show in front of 4000 people, and Joanna on a panel for another upcoming Disney…
Jenny welcomes back Dr. Stacy De-Lin, board-certified physician and an Associate Medical Director at Planned Parenthood, as they discuss the loss of reproductive rights due to the overturn of Roe v. Wade, and the impact restricting abortions in the United States will have on pregnant and non-pregnant people alike.…
Jenny and Joanna share their childhood experiences with SUMMER VACATION, like being sent to an American-style sleep-away camp in the grassland plains of Venezuela, spending the entire vacation in abuela and abuelo's backyard learning about botany and talking to parrots, getting bullied at science camp, and falling in love during summer school (as w…
Joanna welcomes her Dad, noted economist Professor Ricardo Hausmann, as he tries to explain what it takes for some countries to be prosperous, why he followed a career in economics, and how his job as an educator is not so different from Joanna’s job as an entertainer.โดย Joanna Hausmann, Ricardo Hausmann
Joanna and Jenny discuss the recent passing of Joanna’s aunt, how different cultural rituals can help us process grief, what we can do to remember those we’ve lost, and the role spirituality can play in death.โดย Jenny Lorenzo, Joanna Hausmann
Jenny welcomes comedy performer Tony Rodríguez, who was recently cast as the new voice of Julio, the gay Latino character on THE SIMPSONS. On this Pride Month episode they discuss why queer representation in media is important, how Tony took a chance and landed the role of a lifetime, and Jenny’s own history making casting on Hanna-Barbera’s JELLYS…
Joanna and Jenny chat about DADS, what made Father’s Day initially controversial, how imposing gender norms can limit a child, and the way each of their father’s parenting approach made them the women they are today. (And they attempt to get one of their dads on the phone!)โดย Ricardo Hausmann, Joanna Hausmann, Jenny Lorenzo
Jenny and Joanna talk about which are the least and most sexually satisfied countries in the world, how religion, population, weather, politics and even cuisine can affect that ranking, and how Latin American country stack up against each other.โดย Joanna Hausmann, Jenny Lorenzo
Joanna and Jenny talk with Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez, who alongside their brother Mario, created the influential series LOVE AND ROCKETS, one of the first comic books in the alternative comics movement of the 1980s, which drew influences from Mexican-American culture, new wave, rock music & the late 1970s punk rock & hardcore scene in L.A. and fe…
Jenny and Joanna talk about sentimental mementos, like the kind that parents save from their kid’s childhood (such as baby teeth, locks of hair and even umbilical cord), why we attached emotional value to inanimate objects, and when it crosses the line into hoarding.โดย Jenny Lorenzo, Joanna Hausmann
Joanna and Jenny discuss FEAR, from stage fright to the monster-in-the-closet, how phobias and anxiety are different, why the ability to be afraid is a biological safeguard, ways that fear manifests in modern times, and what happens when some people are unable to sense fear.โดย Jenny Lorenzo, Joanna Hausmann
Jenny and Joanna record Live and In Person at the 2022 LATINO COMICS EXPO at the Museum of Latin American Art, where they speak to co-founder Ricardo Padilla about the importance of a Latino comics expo existing, co-founder Javier Hernandez about his comic series EL MUERTO: THE AZTEC ZOMBIE and his process to teaching art, and Kayden Phoenix about …
Joanna and Hyphenated producer Kevin ruminate on their past experiences with terrible roommates, including one that would steal from Joanna and another that might’ve sexually harassed Kevin, and try to decipher why the concept of cohabitation with strangers is so odd yet so common.โดย Joanna Hausmann, Kevin Bosch
Jenny welcomes Ajay Kishore, founder for STAREABLE FEST (the premier annual indie TV and web series festival in the US), as they discuss what it takes to make the leap from digital media to television, the obstacles and stigmas associated with creating for the internet as a career, and how Stareable Fest is building a web-to-TV pipeline for digital…
Joanna welcomes back writer, comedian, content creator and actress Akilah Hughes, as they talk about her upbringing in the American South, how it’s important to step outside of your comfort zone, and what they do to make a new place feel like home.โดย Akilah Hughes, Joanna Hausmann
Joanna and Jenny talk about how their parents reacted when they moved away from home, why the expectation to be tethered to your family is different in the United States vs Latin America, how some parents expect their children to be reflections of them while others want their kids to become their own people, and the ways to cope with living so far …
Jenny and Joanna record in the evening for the first time, and find themselves in a conversation about how they both prefer to work at night, when being a “night owl” was a survival advantage for cavemen, why ADHD may be a contributing factor, and what Latin-American culture might have to do with it.…
Joanna welcomes Danna Hernández, the Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2017 titleholder and certified life coach, as they discuss what it feels like to win and lose at Miss Universe, why beauty pageants are so important in Latin America, the dark side of the pageant industry, when beauty standards affect your mental health, and how to manage failures and r…
Joanna and Jenny share stories of when reality didn't match expectations, like Joanna's wild experience at her new Hollywood apartment, why Jenny had to disappoint fans when they thought she'd recently had a baby, and how sometimes our lives and careers don't turn out the way we expected.โดย Joanna Hausmann, Jenny Lorenzo
Jenny and Hyphenated producer Kevin talk about their shared love for geek culture, how certain stories and characters resonate more strongly with some people, coping with problematic creators, and why diversity and representation gets so much pushback in the geek world.โดย Jenny Lorenzo, Kevin Bosch
Joanna and Jenny talk about Joanna’s big move to Los Angeles, which kinds of neighborhoods are their favorites to live in and why, and how Joanna prefers a glass box with no personality as a home while Jenny is happy in a cozy haunted condo.โดย Jenny Lorenzo, Joanna Hausmann
Jenny and Joanna welcome Grammy winning multi-hyphenated musician Cheche Alara, as they discuss what it takes to create music, why emotion is missing in the music business, and how music in movies and TV is its own character.โดย Cheche Alara, Joanna Hausmann, Jenny Lorenzo
Joanna welcomes X Mayo (from THE DAILY SHOW and currently on the the new NBC sitcom AMERICAN AUTO) as they discuss navigating the New York City comedy scene as a Afro-Mexicana, how the TSA taught her to defuse a bomb in someone's pants, and finding the comedy in the trauma of your father not being there.…
Joanna and Jenny discuss the concept of narcissism, what Narcissistic Personality Disorder means, the times when they’ve each had to deal with a narcissist, and the best way to protect yourself from one.โดย Jenny Lorenzo, Joanna Hausmann
Jenny welcomes Grasie Mercedes (series-regular on the new NBC sitcom GRAND CREW) to talk about growing up in Brooklyn with a 30-something Dominican Abuela, the realities of an Afro-Latina not being able to audition for Latina roles, and what live-action film and TV can learn about representation from a cartoon.…
Joanna and Jenny discuss their childhood experiences being bullied, how the common denominator of bullying goes beyond just jealousy and stems from feeling threatened, what happens when your old bully reaches out to you, and why some adults never outgrow being bullies.โดย Jenny Lorenzo, Joanna Hausmann
Jenny and Joanna chat about the uncertainty of acting as a profession, then Joanna welcomes Justina Machado (QUEEN OF THE SOUTH, ONE DAY AT A TIME and the new ICE AGE ADVENTURES OF BUCK WILD) who shares how Hollywood has changed for Latina actors over the years.โดย Jenny Lorenzo, Joanna Hausmann, Justina Machado
Joanna and Jenny relive their cringiest dating stories, from the high schooler who was too much of a geek even for Jenny, to the time Joanna was accused of drugging her date by his mom.โดย Jenny Lorenzo, Joanna Hausmann
Jenny and Joanna chat about why society seems to deem femininity as a weakness, when gender norms enforce power dynamics, and how the supposedly “stronger” male gender seems so fragile.โดย Jenny Lorenzo, Joanna Hausmann
Joanna welcomes Dan Povenmire, creator of the wildly popular animated series ‘Phineas and Ferb’, as they talk about his career in animation (including ‘Hey Arnold’, ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Family Guy’), the forensics that goes into creating cartoon comedy, and their upcoming show ‘Hamster & Gretel’.โดย Joanna Hausmann, Dan Povenmire
Just in time for the 50th episode, Joanna tested positive for Covid-19 so she and Jenny discuss her first-hand experience with the virus, the current state of the pandemic, what it's like to lose your sense of taste, and the hypocrisy of those who try to moralize getting infected.โดย Jenny Lorenzo, Joanna Hausmann
Joanna and Jenny chat about the differences between Christmas in Latin America compared to the U.S., including how religious the season is, who supposedly brings the presents (Santa or El Niño Jesus?), and if the celebration is on the Eve or the Day.โดย Jenny Lorenzo, Joanna Hausmann
Jenny welcomes Kevin Bosch, her producing-partner on her comedy web-series ABUELA’S FAMILY, as they discuss the origins of many of her popular characters, and how they utilize digital media to better help represent Latin culture.โดย Kevin Bosch, Jenny Lorenzo
Joanna and Jenny chat with actors Rachel Zegler, Ariana DeBose and David Alvarez, stars of the new Steven Spielberg remake of the musical WEST SIDE STORY, about how living in the hyphen helped inform their performances and how identity has shaped their careers.โดย Rachel Zegler, Ariana DeBose, David Alvarez, Jenny Lorenzo, Joanna Hausmann
Jenny and Joanna share their experiences traveling to Latin America, when Jenny walked around Bogota dressed as Abuela, the time Joanna couldn’t prove she wasn’t a gringa in Guatemala, and the immigrant’s perpetual need to search for “home”.โดย Jenny Lorenzo, Joanna Hausmann
Joanna and Jenny discuss how some Americans were against Thanksgiving from the start, the lesser known pagan roots of the celebration and why some immigrants easily gravitate towards the national holiday. (*A previous version was published missing some of the audio. This new version corrects that. If you still hear the old version, remove/delete th…
Jenny and Joanna discuss their earliest jobs, including working at Toys R Us on Black Friday, handling clean-up duty on a cooking show, having arugula thrown at you, and being Kevin Feige’s worst PA.โดย Jenny Lorenzo, Joanna Hausmann
Joanna welcomes Jasmine Romero, her co-writer on the audio-drama podcast PRINCESS OF SOUTH BEACH, as they discuss Latinos in the podcasting space, as well as what it takes to create a modern telenovela podcast.โดย Joanna Hausmann, Jasmine Romero
Jenny and Joanna discuss the history of Halloween, trends in costumes, how immigrant parents react to spooky American traditions, and why Latinos have a complicated relationship with death and the macabre.โดย Joanna Hausmann, Jenny Lorenzo
Joanna and Jenny wrap up their creepy storytelling session by discussing the Latin American boogeyman, debunking Puerto Rico's famous cryptozoology creature, and doing a historical dive into the meaning behind Mexico's legendary infanticidal crying lady.โดย Jenny Lorenzo, Joanna Hausmann
Joanna and Jenny tell each other scary stories from across Latin America, including El Silbón, El Sombrerón, La Sayona, La Planchada, and try to figure out what they say about our culture.โดย Joanna Hausmann, Jenny Lorenzo
Jenny and Joanna try to answer a listener’s question about how to make new friends, discuss the differences between childhood and adult friendships, as well as how to avoid, and let go of, toxic people in your life.โดย Jenny Lorenzo, Joanna Hausmann
Joanna welcomes Afro-Latino writer/actor Johnathan Fernandez (Fox's LETHAL WEAPON; HBO Max's GOSSIP GIRL) as they discuss acting, auditions, not being considered for Latinx roles, and why colonialism and colorism in Latin America has made representation in mainstream media so difficult.โดย Joanna Hausmann, Johnathan Fernandez
Jenny welcomes disability activist Annie Segarra as they discuss the added challenges of having ambulatory and invisible disabilities, and what it's like when people on the street, your family and even doctors don't believe you're disabled.โดย Pitaya Entertainment
Joanna and Jenny compare notes on their ADHD diagnoses, the differences between being diagnosed as a child versus as an adult, how it specifically affects women, and whether it can be a superpower.โดย Joanna Hausmann, Jenny Lorenzo
Jenny and Joanna discuss what it takes to make a living being a creator on the internet while dealing with unreasonable followers and the demand of the digital platforms.โดย Jenny Lorenzo, Joanna Hausmann
Joanna and Jenny chat about the superstitious rituals from Latin American and the U.S. that they grew up with, as well as some others from around the world, and why superstition is prevalent in all cultures.โดย Jenny Lorenzo, Joanna Hausmann
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