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If anyone ever asks you to hop aboard a nostalgia machine, don't do it. It isn't worth it. In this episode, Jake explains what Egypt is and Sean reviews a Disney movie that came out in 1991.โดย Rambling on with Jake and Sean
Right before recording this episode, Jake told Sean that he was interested in being a dungeon master. This entire episode is Jake pretending to be a dungeon master. In this episode, Jake can't pronounce the word "cigarettes" and Sean hears the entire world.โดย Rambling on with Jake and Sean
It happened again, folks. ROJS headquarters has been undermined by technical difficulties. We were better prepared this time, and only lost half of the episode. So here is a quick installment of Rambling on with Jake and Sean. This week, Jake conducts an extreme cat rescue and Sean bought a fiddle.โดย Rambling on with Jake and Sean
We've got a real quick episode for you this week! In this episode, Jake doesn't silence his phone, Sean plans the perfect grave robbery.Other topics include: stick club, sun makeover, sports comparisons, honor system among psychics.โดย Rambling on with Jake and Sean
Honestly, I have no way of describing this episode. Jake asks Sean a question about how to perform surgery in outer space and then everything gets way out of hand. Enjoy this week's episode of ROJS!โดย Rambling on with Jake and Sean
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