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The Bible is the single most important book that has ever been written. The Creator of the universe gave us a playbook on how to live in his universe and the laws that govern it. On this podcast, we will explore what the Bible says on money, success, business, leadership, influence, relationships, and any other area that we discover may help us in business. So join us to discover the amazing wisdom of the Bible and how we can use it to grow our business and to improve our life. Let's Get To ...
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There’s a time of the year where everybody is just thankful for a lot of things. Thanksgiving and gratitude are powerful indeed because it is the spontaneous response to the realization of being blessed.โดย maxpotential.com Network
Great is the relationship of debt when it comes to managing finances and businesses. There is a lot to consider when borrowing money either for personal or business purchases and everyone should learn to be good stewards of what God gives.โดย maxpotential.com Network
The most successful businesses are those that basically are well aware of the law of sowing and reaping. The value that is put out there will always come back ten-folds as the Lord created people to help other people in need.โดย maxpotential.com Network
The wealth gap between the rich and the poor has been growing over the years and its reason can be traced back to the Bible. The rules of money have been laid out and it is up to everyone to follow it and prosper.โดย MaxPotential.com Network
In search of business improvements, one should always take into account his/her personal development. When you have the desire for knowledge, growth is never far behind.โดย MaxPotential.com Network
The most valuable resource that we as humans can have is not money, but TIME. Being more disciplined with managing time is the key to reaping success in the future.โดย maxpotential.com Network
Let's go change the world, let's go make something, let's go multiply, let's be fruitful and multiply and do what we were created to do... https://jacobdlee.comโดย MaxPotential.com Network
When the winter is in your business, that is the best time to reach out to other people who are going places that you want to go and learn from them... https://jacobdlee.comโดย MaxPotential.com Network
There's always going to be outside circumstances, things that are outside of our control. We cannot control what happens to us always, but we control how we handle what happens to us... https://jacobdlee.comโดย MaxPotential.com Network
We look at it from the customer's point of view and we put ourselves in their shoes, and then we give them more than what they're expecting... https://jacobdlee.comโดย MaxPotential.com Network
In this episode, Jacob D. Lee gives you an intro to the BRAND NEW "Let's Get To Business" podcast, and... we share several clips from the first batch of episodes. Thanks for listening. Now let's get to business!โดย MaxPotential.com Network
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