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Hebrew Israelite Biblical News

Hebrew Israelite Biblical News

Hebrew Israelite Biblical News

Biblical Prophecy of end times and the awakening of the descendants of the ancient Hebrew Israelites. The coming time of great tribulation of God's true chosen people. The second coming of our LORD and the great deliverance,destruction worldwide at his return written of according to the Bible.
Let there be Light - The American Israelite Newspaper Podcast is a weekly podcast that’s gives an overview and personal insight into articles of the week from The American Israelite newspaper, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Though published in Cincinnati, and the oldest English Speaking Jewish newspaper in the country, The American Israelite has for nearly 200 years devoted itself to not only local news, but regional, national and global articles of interest to any Jewish community. Hosted by Netanel ...


Omega Shani

Hey everyone my name is Omega Bahntu and I'm really excited about coming back to the Israelitess podcast. The Lord God Almighty, Yah El Shaddai has definitely been working on me and now He sees that I'm ready to share more with you guys. There will be a variety of teachings, testimonies, and possibly fiction stories that I have made up hoping to inspire you all. Blessings to you all from the Most High God Yah. Cover art photo provided by Aaron Burden on Unsplash: ...
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May. 14,2022 A white male suspect age 18 yrs old went into a supermarket in a predominantly black neighborhood and murdered 10 people. He wrote NIGGER on his gun as he live streamed the Massacre on Twitch. The wicked have become more emboldened to commit violent racial attacks will falsely accusing black ppl of being terrorist or criminal enterpris…
The elites satanic agenda will affect every human being. It will be no strangling the fence. Its only good or evil and you have to choice a side. Most will join the dark side and be destroyed by GOD when his wrath is upon the wicked. This film project will go into the satanic agenda of transhumanism, depopulation,RFID technology and soul stealing b…
Mainstream media publications are reporting crime spikes in wealthy well-to-do White neighborhoods. As racial tensions begin to stir, we can easily see that the Elites are fanning the flames of a potential race war. Also, new reports that the on the RFID microchip, MOTB system is in place.
All praises, honor and glory to YAHAWAH BAHASHAM YAHAWASHI. Peace and blessings and Thawadah for your support. This broadcast is about spiritually preparing and also purchasing land, and food storage as a plan to avoid being in areas with large populations in the time of an economic collapse, and food shortage. Update: Thawadah to the brotha for hi…
The things that the Messiah went through, we ourselves will go through the same situations or similar situations. He was hated and so shall you be hated. This world loves its own, so because you are not of this world you will be ostracized, ridiculed, and made to feel like you are the problem. Rejoice for great is your reward in heaven!…
The so-called leaders of Edom held a council at the World Government Summit in which they openly discussed the collapse of the dollar, which would be replaced by digital currency. This is all leading up to the MOTB. #Hebrew Israelites
God's people are some of the best musicians, singers on the planet. It is in our spirit to praise the Father with music, using the voice, percussion, strings in songs. The Messiah sang hymns with his disciples, David removed an evil spirit off of King Saul so music is powerful with frequencies and healing power.…
Hello, everyone this word is based upon revelation of the Holy Spirit and he gave me 1 Corinthians 13. I hope everyone enjoys this episode and all glory to Yahawah Bahashem Yahawashi (Father in the name of Jesus), Halleluyah! My instagram: Omega_shani
Hello, everyone this word that Yah gave me was to encourage someone going through a tough season. My Instagram: @omega_shani I hope this keeps you motivated and blessings to you all, Halleluyah! Here is the word that I will be stating: The Lord has a way to make it hard for us to get us to the point of salvation. What it means is that we may have t…
The black fraternity, sororities are the breeding ground of the buffer class societies of negro culture. These are black folks with positions of power given to their by the white supremacist power structure to guard the gates. They although rich, affluent have no real power and are there to give the illusion that they serve the needs our their powe…
Ted and Julie are joined by Cathy Heldman, named one of the persons of the year by The American Israelite for all her dedication and hard work for the Jewish community.โดย Ted Deutsch and Julie Brook
Ted and Julie are joined by Ukrainian Jewish GI Jane - Eugenia "Jane" Nemirovska De Santos to discuss the many ways that we can help our fellow Jews in Ukraine. More info on facebook - search for Ukrainian Society of Greater Cincinnati and Dayton.โดย Ted Deutsch and Julie Brook
This is my testimony of being persecuted by the FBI,CIA,DOJ,Interpol and the fusion centers of the USA. Falsely accused of terrorism which I'm being covertly attacked with direct energy weapons like Havana Syndrone but consistently for 6 yrs and 24/7. The attacks against me have greatly increased today out of retaliation for opposing these heinous …
Ted and Julie are joined by Chelsea Standford from Ilan's Chocolates to discuss how she became a Kosher Chocolatier and all the fun stuff that goes into making chocolate. You can purchase the chocolates at ilansrawchocolate.comโดย Ted Deutsch and Julie Brook
The times will be so evil that believers will renounce their faith and belief especially when persecutions come. Build up your faith now. Pray for more faith!!! Ephesians 2:8 “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:”
Explanation of the Passover service and understanding of the " lashawan qadash" ancient paleo hebrew language. The importance and significance of the Messiah's sacrifice and his precious blood being shed for the remission of sins for the nation of Israel. Being the lamb of GOD he is the representation of the Passover as he was the death angel that …
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