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Martin Curley, a full-time genealogist working in Co. Galway, where he administers the East Galway Genealogy and DNA Facebook group GEDmatch East Galway Ancestor Project. He maintains a Facebook page, ·Soghain Genes, where he highlights research findingsโดย Irish Radio Canada
Dr. Ed Gilbert is a postdoctoral researcher based at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in Dublin, Ireland. He has a PhD in population genetics and genomics from the RCSI, University of Medicine and Health Sciences.โดย Irish Radio Canada
Kyla Ubbink is a professionally accredited book and paper conservator, Mrs. Ubbink owns and operates Ubbink Book and Paper Conservation and has been a practising conservator for the past 20 years.โดย Irish Radio Canada
Gena Philibert-Ortega is an author, researcher and instructor whose focus is genealogy, social history and women·s history. She holds a master·s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Psychology and Women·s Studies) and a master·s degree in Religion.โดย Irish Radio Canada
Maurice Gleeson is a psychiatrist and pharmaceutical physician as well as a genetic genealogist. He is administrator of several surname DNA projects, including the Gleason, Spearin, Farrell, Ryan, and O·Malley projects.โดย Irish Radio Canada
Former Irish Ambassador to Canada, Dr Ray Bassett, has published a book about Dublin's Phoenix Park and its environs. It is redolent with history, as well as containing a rich variety of wildlife.โดย Irish Radio Canada
Jill Cousins has worked with cultural heritage organisations across Europe to increase the use and visibility of their collections in education, research, creative industry and towards the general public.โดย Irish Radio Canada
In the hands of a skilled player the Bodhrán can be a subtle and exciting instrument - striking the skin in a variety of ways, one hand tucked in behind the skin, pressing and moving to vary the colour and intensity of the sound.โดย Irish Radio Canada
Caladh is the Irish for a landing place for a boat. I enjoy the beauty and the imagination that I create with all my pebbles and items collected as two pieces are never the same. Freisin cártaí Gaeilge agus framaí do gach ócáid.โดย Irish Radio Canada
Lisa King, Natural handmade soap scented with essential oils and coloured using spices, herbs and natural colours. Minimal paper packaging. Kind to your skin and kind to the environmentโดย Irish Radio Canada
“Woodcraft and wood-turning in particular gives me immense pleasure, but what gives me even greater pleasure is the the smiling faces and looks of happiness and appreciation that it creates in others” – Richard Colsonโดย Irish Radio Canada
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