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The African Continental Free Trade Area is a window to shared prosperity for Africans. Yet, not many know about it and the opportunities it holds. David is taking a bold step and telling the story, opening up the continent through film 🎥. Listen to his motivation, you might just be inspired to tell your own story. You should, the world needs to hea…
Forgetting why you do what you do (purpose) often leads to: 1. Chasing after things that are great but not driving towards your purpose. 2. Procratinating and not getting things done. 3. Falling behind. Listen and learn how to avoid these traps.
Therr is more tech on your mobile phone today than the tech that placed the first rocket ship on the moon. Exponential technology is only great if you and I have an exponential use of this tech. Here are my thoughts on how best to build wealth through exponential tech and exponential use of tech.
This segment is dedicated to: (1) Ubong King the "trouble maker". (2) It is dedicated to sharing ideas as they come along. Crazy are some, impractical to others but I daresay, every idea I've ever had has been brought to life by someone. Yes, even the crazy and impossible ones. Enjoy and I look forward to seeing what you do with the ideas.…
Kevin Conroy Bature founded Bature Breweries. This is the first craft,micro brewery in West Africa. Here is a candid discussion on turning your passion into a business and perhaps a profit. Every SME and startup should listen to this, especially if you are trying to set up in Nigeria. Investors....take a hint. 🙂…
Be it in product or service sales, public service, family, post Covid-19 effective communication is required. Connecting is important and could make the difference between your success or failure. Hear as Monique dissects communication in a unique applicable way.
A sound mind is prone to higher productivity. Obvious right? But our actions seem not to reflect this "obvious" knowledge. Listen to Dr Viv and gain understanding at a deeper level and improve productivity.
It is almost a taboo to talk about mental health. It is stigmatized and unwittingly triggered by unawareness at various levels. Yet it is quite important to productivity at all levels. We explore this with Dr Viv as she drops nuggets that are fundamental yet transformational.
Is "Conflict of interest" keeping you from starting your own business? Do you think you are not "cut out for business?" Are you afraid of starting or unsure of where to start? Listen as Mo' breaks it down in a way that empowers you to do it right.
How can I maximize my potential. How do I harness my strengths. You need to be aware of them first. Othman tells us why what and how. We often look outside of ourselves when thinking of business, su cess and growth. Journey inward with us and D.I.S.Cover the keys to inner greatness and its outward manifestation.…
A Young Student of Architecture shares how she started her own business and how she is balancing that with formal education. Learn how to start successfully and elements needed to thrive.
No endeavor thrives without people. Even pandemics need people involved to be successful. You too need an effective community to create sustainable wealth, Victor shares how.
Have you encountered any overwhelming matter that no longer is a matter? How did that happen and are you deliberately thankful for it? Let's dig in some more and see how gratitude inhabited Success.
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