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Inland Journal is a half-hour public affairs program that includes news features and interviews produced by SPR staff, reporters from the Northwest News Network (N3) and others. The program has a regional focus that reflects the broad listening area of Spokane Public Radio.
As a young man, Stevenson wished to be financially independent and began his literary career by writing travelogues. This is his first published work, written at a time when travel for pleasure was still a rarity. He and a friend traveled by canoe through France and Belgium and he relates how they were thrown in jail, mistaken for traveling salesmen and became embroiled in gypsy life. - Summary by Lynne Thompson
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New Year, New Testament | Part 1 | Josh Crain “Why should you read the Bible?” If you want to understand God, you’ve got to understand Jesus, and Jesus himself points us to the authority of scripture as an important way to understand the freeing grace God has for each of us.โดย Inland Hills Church
This week’s “Christmas at the Movies” features the 1946 Oscar-nominated classic, “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Join us to look back in time for a Jesus-centered reminder that our lives matter to others!⁠⠀โดย Inland Hills Church
Do we trust God and delight in his presence? How does our worry and anger define us? Check out Week 1 of Comfort Food, with an encouraging message from long-time friend of Inland Hills, Pastor Eric Heard.โดย Inland Hills Church
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